Lamar Miller to Miami Dolphins: Video Highlights, Scouting Report and Analysis

Matt MillerNFL Draft Lead WriterApril 28, 2012

As the running back position becomes more specialized and defined in the NFL, scouts look for players who can do a few things really well. Lamar Miller can do many things really, really well.

Miller has game-breaking speed and agility, showing a rare knack for shaking defenders in the open field with a subtle head fake or hip shiver. Much like LeSean McCoy of the Philadelphia Eagles, Miller is just very hard to tackle in space. That's a problem considering how often he has the ball.

Miller is a true three-tool player who can run, catch and return kicks. He doesn't bring much to the table right now as a blocker, but after coming out as a redshirt sophomore, he has little wear on his frame and is aggressive enough to learn to be a blocker down the road.

We love Miller's game-breaking speed and quickness, but he will have to learn to accumulate yards when the path to the corner is blocked off. If he can become a better between-the-tackles runner, Miller has the athleticism to become a feature back and Pro Bowl-caliber player.

For now, though, Miller will be a good change of pace for Miami's regular bruiser Daniel Thomas. If he's able to beef up a bit, there's a chance he can become more of an every-down runner. Whatever the case, he's another tool for Matt Moore (or, perhaps, Ryan Tannehill) under center for the Dolphins.