Madden '13 First Look: Brand New Features and Calvin "Megatron" Johnson

BR5Senior Analyst IIOctober 17, 2016

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Calvin "Megatron" Johnson is officially on the cover of NFL Madden '13, the most anticipated video game in sports. BR5 got a first look at the new edition this morning, and an exclusive tutorial of all of its brand new features. This goes without saying, but Madden just gets better every year.

One new feature Madden '13 offers is "Total Control Passing," which is everything it sounds like and more. Total Control allows you to throw different kinds of passes, with different flight patterns and trajectories, depending on the situation. So whether you're trying to nail your guy with a bullet or lob to a back on a screen, you have total control.

We also learn that Madden '13 will feature new catches, as well. Behind-the-back catches, off-the-fingertips catches, ball-to-helmet David Tyree catches—if you've seen it in the NFL, your receivers can do it in a game. That goes for touchdown celebrations as well.

New features, new gameplay. I guess all that leaves is this year's cover boy, Calvin "Megatron Johnson. Johnson is coming off a monster year with 96 receptions for 1,681 yards. Madden Curse? He seemed pretty happy to me, but I can't help but wonder if Cam Newton is somewhere unleashing a sigh of relief.  


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