Kobe Bryant is NOT the Best

dexterjames cavadaContributor IJanuary 26, 2009

As we all know Kobe is the best player in the league or is he? A rumor has it that a player named Joe "The Man" Vice is coming to NBA.

For the people who doesn't know him, Where in hell have you been?! and you call yourselves basketball fans.

Joe "The Man" Vice or as what we his friends call him "J man" is 20 feet of pure Alaskan muscle! He can jump an entire truck with one leap if you don't believe me then fine.

J man would be in the NBA next season thats why the players there like LeBron, Pierce, and other stars are working hard to win a ring because next year winning a ring would be next to impossible.

This is what will happen if J man would be in NBA he would score 200 points not in a game but in a quarter. A player who fouls him is the one who gets hurt because J man doesn't get hurt, hurt gets J man.

He plays for a new team called  Alaska J. there are only two players on that team. the other is Greg the janitor. He really is a janitor and he's the man who inbounds the ball hats he's only role. J man doesn't need a coach. only losers need a coach. do you have a coach?

As for Kobe he would now be No. 101 on the list of the best players today because J man is No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, and so on...Their first meeting on NBA was a disaster for Kobe, J man scored all the points. He even scored for the Lakers because he is also a Laker fan. The final score was 875-707 remember that J man scored all the points! I mean ALL...

And so J man will win 50 rings and score 8,106,944,215 in total he will score more than all the players total score combined. He will be named NBA's greatest, best, most awesomest player EVER.