NFL Draft: Ryan Tannehill and RGIII Shop the Adidas Store in NYC

NFL Draft 365Official AccountApril 25, 2012

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It's just 48 hours until the 2012 NFL draft commences and everyone involved is putting the final touches on their draft status, meeting with the media and putting their best foot forward for GMs and fans alike.

For potential top-10 pick Ryan Tannehill, that included a quick stop at the Adidas store in New York City for a few last second wardrobe additions and changes.

Tannehill was joined by his wife Lauren for their shopping foray, the better half of the Tannehill pairing acting as his fashion consultant.

A funny thing happened while Tannehill perused the midtown store—he met up with Heisman Winner, Robert Griffin III, who was in the midst of making a few purchases himself.

Griffin was likely looking for some burgundy and gold clad clothes, representing his likely future home of the Washington Redskins. As for Tannehill, no word on whether he bought items with the brown and orange of the Browns or the tangerine and teal of the Dolphins.

Enjoy this behind the scenes look with Ryan Tannehill.

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