2012 NFL Draft: 10 Crazy Surprise Scenarios You Won't See Coming

Sammy Sucu@oblivion08Senior Analyst IApril 25, 2012

2012 NFL Draft: 10 Crazy Surprise Scenarios You Won't See Coming

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    The 2012 NFL draft will be full of shocks and surprises that no one would have ever expected.

    Ever since the New York Giants won the Super Bowl on Feb. 5, the football world went into draft mode. Now that the draft is only a day away, it's only right to speculate a little bit more on what could happen.

    There have been plenty of great draft day surprises. In recent memory, the Atlanta Falcons traded the farm to move up to the Cleveland Browns' position last year and draft Julio Jones. Aaron Rodgers falling to the Green Bay Packers lap at No. 24 was also a big time draft day surprise. 

    In this year's draft, there will be shocking trades and players who wait longer than they expected to have their name called.

    Let's get to the 10 crazy surprise scenarios you would not expect to happen. 

10. The Vikings Will Not Take Matt Kalil

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    This may not come as much of a surprise anymore because of the hints that the Vikings management has been throwing out lately. However, it's shocking that the Vikes are considering not taking this incredibly talented left tackle with the third overall pick in the draft.

    Todd McShay changed his pick for the Vikings to Morris Claiborne. He now truly believes that the Vikings will take Claiborne. 

    This one seems to be the most possible scenario because head coach Leslie Frazier said the Vikings want a "game-changer," and a left tackle is not exactly that. 

    If the Vikings do not trade out of the third overall pick and they do not select Kalil, then it will definitely send shockwaves to every single Viking fan in the world. 

9. Vontaze Burfict Has His Name Called on the Last Day

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    Prior to the NFL combine, it would be crazy to think that Vontaze Burfict was going to fall out of the first round. Now, it seems like Burfict might not even get drafted.

    At the combine, Burfict looked unmotivated. He ran a 5.1 40-yard dash and looked completely out of shape. His draft stock was already falling faster than BP's during the oil spill, but because of his failed drug test, that stock is falling faster by the minute.

    Burfict has all the talent to be a top linebacker in this league; however, a lack of motivation mixed in with character issues scares a lot of teams. However, someone will draft him on the last day of the draft and try to turn him around.

    Sounds a lot like someone the New England Patriots or Dallas Cowboys would draft, and it may just happen. 

8. The Cleveland Browns Will Draft Brandon Weeden in the First Round

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    The Cleveland Browns will likely draft Trent Richardson with the fourth overall pick in the draft if Tampa Bay or New York does not trade ahead of them. 

    Regardless, the Browns will draft Brandon Weeden later on the first round with the 22nd overall pick. Although he will be 29 when the season starts, he could step right in for the team and be the starter on Day 1. If it was not for his age, he might have gone over Robert Griffin III in this draft, but it's tough to justify drafting a quarterback who will only have a six- to seven-year career. 

    The Browns will take their chances, draft Weeden and put together a nice combo with a new running back or receiver and a new quarterback. The Colt McCoy era may just come to a complete stop in 2012, because this team can't afford to continue to lose any longer.  

    The Browns could wait until the second round and select him, but they don't want to take the risk of allowing another team to leapfrog over them and select him. Weeden in the second round won't be much of a shock, but selecting him in the first round will definitely shock a bunch of people. 

7. The New York Jets Will Draft the Best Receiver Available

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    Although the New York Jets need a new running back and some help on their offensive line, they go for the sexy pick and draft the best receiver available. 

    Based on what we know so far, the two best prospects, Floyd and Blackmon, will be gone by now. So the Jets will be left to decide between Kendall Wright, Stephen Hill, Alshon Jeffery and Rueben Randle. 

    Considering Wright is the best prospect out of those three, the Jets will likely take him and give Mark Sanchez another target across Santonio Holmes. The fans in the Radio City Music Hall will be jumping up and down when the Jets snag Wright because they know how badly they need to get Sanchez going next season.

    No Jets fan wants to see a quarterback controversy, so the Jets will take that wide receiver and make sure Sanchez plays extremely well in 2012. 

6. The Dallas Cowboys Will Not Draft Mark Barron

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    Mark Barron will not be available when the Dallas Cowboys are selecting at 14th overall, and that is why they will not select him.

    Plenty of mock drafts have Barron falling to the Cowboys, but they will be shocked when he doesn't. Barron is an incredible talent. Expect him to go to a team that is looking for a cornerback, but will realize that the talent at cornerback is deeper than the talent at safety. 

    After Barron and Harrison Smith, the safety pool is very thin and teams who need safeties might not want to take a risk and draft another prospect. 

    Expect a team like the Buffalo Bills, Carolina Panthers or the Seattle Seahawks to snag Barron and look for cornerback or other defensive player in the later rounds. 

5. Coby Fleener Will Drop to the Middle of the Second Round

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    Coby Fleener is the best tight end prospect in the 2012 NFL draft. However, he will not be drafted in the first round. Instead, a team will be excited when they notice he is available in the second round. 

    Teams are looking to draft big targets at the tight end position now because that is what seems to be working. However, corner backs, safeties, offensive linemen and receivers are all higher priorities because of how the NFL rules have been favoring the pass. Although a tight end is an integral part of the passing game, it is not as important as those other positions.

    Fleener may not slip past the Indianapolis Colts in the second round, but if he does, he may not be drafted until the middle part of the round. 

4. Alshon Jeffery Gets Drafted Before Stephen Hill

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    Stephen Hill is ranked by most scouts as the fourth best receiver in the draft. Alshon Jeffery is ranked as either the fifth or sixth best. However, Jeffery will go ahead of Hill in the draft because he has a much higher ceiling than Hill.

    Both Hill and Jeffery did not light up the stat sheets in the 2011 season, but both have plenty of potential. In fact, prior to the beginning of the 2011 college football season, many draft experts expected Jeffery to be the first receiver to be drafted. Then Jeffery had a horrible season by catching under 1,000 yards and laying an egg whenever the Gamecocks played a good team.

    Jeffery had gained some weight during the year, and scouts were questioning his speed and work ethic. However, Jeffery dropped is weight from around 260 to 213 pounds. He also ran a 4.4 at his pro day and had a 36.5-inch vertical leap.

    It seems like Jeffery is back into his 2010 form, and teams who are looking to select a receiver late in the draft will take him instead of Hill. 

3. The Miami Dolphins Won't Select an Offensive Player

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    The Miami Dolphins will decide that with the eighth overall selection no offensive player is worth the value of their pick. 

    The Dolphins will think about drafting Tannehill, but they won't because they could draft another prospect in the later rounds. They might not take a receiver here because of the depth there is at that position in the second and third round. 

    Instead, the Dolphins will select the best linebacker prospect in the draft, Luke Kuechly, or the best defensive tackle prospect, Fletcher Cox.

    The Dolphins will shore up that defense in the first round, then focus on the offense in the later rounds. This team is in rebuilding mode, so why not make the defense incredible and wait to fix the offense in the later rounds and next season. 

2. Michael Floyd Will Be Drafted Before Justin Blackmon

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    Although some scouts rank them differently, there is no denying the fact that Justin Blackmon and Michael Floyd are the two best wide receiver prospects in the draft this season.

    With that being said, most people believe that Blackmon could go as early as third overall to the Vikings. However, this will not happen on Thursday night. Some teams will be scared of selecting Blackmon because of the questions about his speed. 

    Floyd will likely not go earlier than seventh to the Jaguars, but he will go ahead of Blackmon. Floyd did not put up the same numbers as Blackmon in college, but Floyd is a bit bigger and looks naturally quicker off the line. 

    The bigger frame of Floyd mixed in with his quicker in game speed is what will put him over Blackmon in the draft. 

1. Justin Blackmon Will Fall to the Arizona Cardinals Lap

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    Not only will Floyd be selected before Blackmon, but also he will not get selected in the top 10. The only teams that are really looking at wide receivers are Miami, Jacksonville and Cleveland.

    If the Vikings do not trade with Tampa Bay and stay put with the third overall, then the Browns will likely draft Trent Richardson. Miami might draft Ryan Tannehill because of their desperate need at quarterback, and Jacksonville may be the team who takes Floyd with the seventh overall pick to give Blaine Gabbert a bigger target. 

    The Rams would love to snag Blackmon, but if the Vikings really do pass up on Kalil and draft Claiborne, they would not hesitate and draft the left tackle out of USC. 

    Blackmon will then slip past the rest of the teams because Buffalo, Kansas City, Seattle and Carolina will not draft a receiver. Blackmon will fall into the laps of the Cardinals and automatically give Kevin Kolb the Anquan Boldin that he never had. 

    Blackmon and Larry Fitzgerald will be a great combination for years to come, and the Cardinals would be very happy with this selection. 

    Although Blackmon will have the deer-in-the-headlights look on his face after he falls out of the top 10, he will be incredibly happy when he finds out that he will line up next to arguably the best receiver in the NFL in 2012. 

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