Rays, Cardinals, What's Next?

zachary gropperContributor IJanuary 26, 2009

Looking through the history of sports, there is a certain definition that comes along with the terms "champion" or "success." Often, the said definition includes the likes of the New York Bankees, I mean Yankees, the Dallas Cowboys, or the Los Angeles Lakers, to name only a few.

For teams like these can always depend on success by outbidding their opponents. I mean honestly, prior to 2008, who would turn down pinstripes to play in St. Petersburg? Or a star on their helmet to play in the desert?

In case you've been comatosed for the past six months, the Tampa Bay D-Rays beat out the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees in the American League East in a World Series run, and the Arizona Cardinals gave John McCain something to cheer about for once, winning the NFC, and possibly the Super Bowl.

Hardly ever throughout the history of sports do such improbable odds become reality, let alone in two back-to-back major sports championships. As a a dedicated sports fan, I'd love to see my White Sox or Bears bring a title to the Windy City every year. But, as that same loyal sports fan, I cannot deny the heart-warming feeling that David sleighing Goliath provides.

So until I'm brought a championship later this year in October or February (2010), there is only one thing to do. Release my inner Bobcats fan.