WWE Extreme Rules 2012: 10 Things to Know About Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena Match

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WWE Extreme Rules 2012: 10 Things to Know About Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena Match

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    This Sunday, WWE "Extreme Rules" 2012 hits pay-per-view with the most hyped match in the history of this show.  Brock Lesnar has made a huge return to WWE and has targeted the top dog, John Cena

    I'm sure many of my regular readers know the history of these two extraordinary athletes, but in case you don't, here are 10 things to know about the Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena match. 

10. First John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar Match Took Place 9 Years Ago in WWE

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    The feud between Brock Lesnar and John Cena isn't anything new.  A little detail people may not remember is when Brock Lesnar tossed John Cena's leg into a ring-post on Smackdown prior to WrestleMania XIX.

    This rivalry, however, didn't truly get started until the spring of 2003.  Just days after Brock defeated Kurt Angle to regain the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania XIX, John Cena immediately targeted Brock Lesnar. 

    Cena unleashed freestyle raps week after week, challenging Brock for the WWE Championship.  John Cena even first implemented his new finishing move, the FU (now the AA), during his feud with Brock Lesnar.

    John Cena went on to win a No. 1 contender tournament to face Brock at Backlash.  Lesnar was victorious in a brutal, bloody match.

9. Brock Wrestled in Japan Post-WWE

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    After Brock's failed attempt at NFL superstardom, he ventured back into the world of professional wrestling with NJPW (New Japan Professional Wrestling). 

    Brock debuted by defeating Kazuyuki Fujita and Masahiro Chono for the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship.  Brock went on to have a stellar career wrestling in Japan. 

    During his tenure in Japan, Brock wrestled many of NJPW's greats and finished up his run dropping the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship to Kurt Angle before starting his MMA career.

8. Cena Has Never "Quit"

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    John Cena has been in many "I Quit" and "Last Man Standing" matches in his career.  One thing that we have noticed since Cena became the top guy is that he just does not quit.

    At "Extreme Rules", there is a great possibility that Brock Lesnar could put John Cena in a position to quit.  Lesnar is straight from the world of mixed martial arts and is now skilled in many submissions and styles of fighting. 

    John Cena knows how to throw strikes with anyone, but Brock is professionally trained.  Could this be the night Cena finally "quits?"

7. Both are from the OVW "Class of 2002"

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    Back in 2002, the WWE had a development territory called Ohio Valley Wrestling.  OVW was the breeding ground for future WWE champions. 

    The year of 2002 may have developed the greatest class of WWE superstars out of a development territory. 

    Brock Lesnar and John Cena are two stars that came out of the class of 2002.  Others include Randy Orton, Batista and Shelton Benjamin.

    Although their careers have taken different paths, they both started in the same place and have now come full circle.

6. Cena Won His First WrestleMania Match the Night Brock Wrestled His Last

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    At WrestleMania XX, John Cena opened the show taking on The Big Show for the United States Championship.  This marked Cena's first WrestleMania match. 

    On that same show, Brock Lesnar was defeated by Goldberg in his final WWE match.

    One guy had the biggest moment of his career to date, and the other had his final.

    At "Extreme Rules", this match comes full circle from a major transition in the careers of both at WrestleMania XX.

5. Cena Has Never Defeated Brock Lesnar 1-on-1 by Pin Fall or Submission

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    Cena and Lesnar had a couple of encounters in 2003.  John Cena was never able to successfully defeat Lesnar via pin fall or submission. 

    With Edge giving Cena a much-needed pep talk on RAW Monday, Cena needs to make defeating Lesnar the most important thing in his life.

4. Brock Lesnar's First Extreme Rules Match

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    When Brock Lesnar left WWE in 2004, the post WrestleMania PPV was always "Backlash."  Since then, "Extreme Rules" has been adapted as the mega show that takes place after WrestleMania. 

    These shows are important because they always take the feuds from WrestleMania one step further. 

     Brock Lesnar has never competed in an "Extreme Rules" match and has never competed at the "Extreme Rules" PPV.

    However, he has been in one of the most brutal "Hell in a Cell" matches of all time with The Undertaker. 

    And took a couple of vicious beatings while in the UFC. 

    Brock Lesnar is coming to "Extreme Rules" prepared and ready for anything to happen.

3. Cena Is Undefeated at Every Extreme Rules Pay-Per-View

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    Since "One Night Stand" changed to "Extreme Rules," John Cena is undefeated at this show. 

    Cena defeated The Big Show in 2009, Batista in 2010 and The Miz and John Morrison in 2011. 

    Cena will look to maintain his undefeated streak at "Extreme Rules," but this will be his toughest test to date.

2. Brock Lesnar Won't Have Any Ring Rust

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    Brock Lesnar is an incredible athlete that doesn't come around very often.  The guy will come into this match without any ring rust whatsoever. 

    Many people have suggested that he "won't be the same Brock Lesnar."  These people obviously don't know anything about what it takes to be a pro wrestler.

    I'm not saying that I do, but I understand that Lesnar will be nothing short of perfect during his match this Sunday at "Extreme Rules."

    His cardio might not be up to par, but neither was The Rock's at WrestleMania 27.  Brock Lesnar will be spot-on with everything he does in the ring; however, I'm going to leave a small margin for Brock to possibly get gassed during the duration of this match.

    Whether that will affect the outcome or not remains to be seen.

1. There Is No Way John Cena Wins This Match

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    It is obvious that WWE wants to cater to whatever Brock Lesnar asks for.  Brock has just returned after an eight-year absence.  There is no way that WWE will bring Lesnar back just to lose in his first match. 

    Brock will become the star and main focus of RAW.  The entire WWE roster will rebel against him.  WWE will head into the summer, which is usually a very difficult time for ratings, with Brock Lesnar carrying the torch. 

    If John Cena wins this match, I will come back and write about how wrong I was.

    Did you like what I had to say about Brock Lesnar and John Cena heading into their match at "Extreme Rules?" Whether you agree or disagree, make sure you comment below and let your voice be heard.

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