Floyd Mayweather Says He Can Have President Obama Carry His Belt into the Ring

Vitali SCorrespondent IApril 25, 2012

While most people were very impressed when Manny Pacquiao was invited to visit the White House, Floyd Mayweather Jr. was indifferent.

Of course, visiting the White House via a personal invitation by the President is something Pacquiao should forever remember and be proud of. But, according to Mayweather, it's nothing special.

During the first showing of Floyd Mayweather: Speaking Out on HBO on Saturday night, Mayweather said (via MLive.com):

People want to know how much power Floyd Mayweather's got? I can guarantee you this. I show you how much power I've got. If I could fight Manny Pacquiao, I would let Obama walk me to the ring carrying my belt. Can I make it happen? Absolutely.

Is Mayweather a good friend of President Obama? Or does Floyd really have that much power? It would certainly be the first time in history that the President of the United States would carry a boxing belt into the ring for a fighter.

Mayweather is cocky, as we have all learned by following his life and career over the years. But this promise is completely out of the realm of reality.

Is Floyd a little jealous of Congressman Pacquiao?

I don’t deny the fact that I am a bit curious as to how both fighters would dress up their ring entrances if the fight actually pushed through. It would be the most memorable event in the history of the sport by far.