WWE Review: The Royal Review

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WWE Review: The Royal Review

Well, the first of the "big four" pay-per views have come and went and I would like to add that it was very disappointing for many reasons. If you had read my preview, you knew the key word was "predictability" and man was I right.

I will compare my predicted winner to the real winner and talk about the match. Let's review the Rumble.

Match No.1- Jack Swagger vs Matt Hardy ECW Championship

Predicted Winner: Jack Swagger

Winner: Jack Swagger

Ok, this match was a fairly good opener, but nothing to remember as a Matt Hardy or Jack Swagger career moment. Though I find Swagger a great addition to the WWE because last night he proved that he live up to expectations, especially at a huge event unlike someone (Kozlov). Overall it was predictable but a decent match.

Match No.2- Melina vs Beth Pheonix Women's Title

Predicted Winner: Melina via DQ

Winner: Melina

This match was very weird to me because Rosa Mendez wasn't even involved in this match. It was to short for two of the best divas today fighting for the Women's Title and I believe it was to early for Melina to be given the belt with Beth on such a roll. Once again, it was nothing to remember, but were was Rosa?

Match No.3- John Cena vs JBL w/HBK Heavyweight Title

Predicted Winner: JBL via DQ

Winner John Cena

Well this was also a typical Cena match with every child's favorite hero overcoming odds to defeat JBL. I was also confused with HBK's roll. Did he betray Bradshaw or what? Well I guess that's my main question here for Raw tonight.

Anyways, nothing to remember and very predictable outcome knowing that JBL will never be champion again.

Match No.4- Jeff Hardy vs Edge WWE Title

Finally something to write about. By the way if you see a feel there is a lack of writing, that's not because I'm lazy, there is just nothing notable to talk about here. Back to business, I heard right before the Rumble that Christian wasn't there. Wow, that's not gonna make any fans mad.

Above that we now know that this is a No disqualification match. Yeah Jeff now has a chance (sarcasm). Actually a pretty good match before the overbooking of Chavo and Vickie but there were some insane spots there like Jeff jumping off the ladder to Chavo, looking as if he were going to slip off the ladder.

I was actually loving this until Vicky " Twinky Eatin" Guerrero comes in and screws Jeff of a three count. Now big brother Matt is on his way out with a chair, looking as though he were to help Jeff but hits him with a chair thus turning heel.

Didn't this happen a while back when Chavo turned on Rey and cost him the belt. Best title match of the night, but not great. I'm also upset as Hardy's heel turn prevents us from Hardys vs Edge & Christian at WM25, so expect Christian to be face and join Jeff.

Main Event: The Royal Rumble Match

Did this match scream "Triple H buries stars" or " So Predictable" because either way, it was disappointing. While some talent performed great like Rey Mysterio and dare I say Mike Knox.

While others were completly buried and didn't get the chance to show their talent like MVP, Miz, Morrison, and Brian Kendrick. The only excitement in this match was the one night return of RVD, the rest was predictable as well as boring. Randy winning was great but predictable yet exciting and I'm glad to see were this is heading tonight.

In the end a typical Rumble match with no real surprises

In conclusion- No Christian, Matt Hardy heel turn, Melina not being ready to hold a belt but gets it anyways, and Orton winning the Rumble. That was worth 50 dollars (not in my book). My last words are predictability killed the show.

I would've liked to see Rosa interfere, HBK compete in the Rumble, a Christian return, and Jeff retain. Anyways this was a lackluster PPV lacking excitement and I will give it a 6.5/10.

Until next time. See you later

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