Barcelona vs. Chelsea: Why Dani Alves Caused the Barca Debacle

Roberto Alvarez-GallosoChief Writer IApril 25, 2012

FC Barcelona training
FC Barcelona trainingDavid Ramos/Getty Images

The world witnessed the recent upset by Chelsea FC against FC Barcelona during the UEFA Champions League (UCL) semifinals. It was not to be expected, according to spectators and pundits here in Puerto Rico where I am writing.

Puerto Rico has been full of comments about what happened between FC Barcelona and Chelsea. The questions about that and about Gerard Pique being unconscious after a head lesion were the topics of the previous night.

The main reason for the FC Barcelona failure was Dani Alves and his comments that mocked Chelsea before the match. According to The Daily Mail, Alves claimed that Chelsea was scared during the last UCL encounter between Barca and the Blues in 2009.

What Alves said was in poor taste, and it came back to haunt him, as predicted in one of my articles published on Bleacher Report. A recap with a lesson to be learned is in order.



It appears that Chelsea as a whole decided to teach Barca a lesson in humility.

The result was a victory for Chelsea in the first leg of the UCL semifinal. Chelsea decided to humiliate Barca with a come-from-behind surprise, an equalizer and an elimination by aggregate in the second leg.

Fernando Torres redeemed himself by scoring for Chelsea on additional time. While it hurts to say this as a Barca supporter, Torres and Chelsea deserve their victory and advance to the finals.


Lesson To Be Learned

While club pride is great, it should not be used to underestimate an opponent. Alves should learn how to not provoke an opposing team with potentially hurtful comments.

FC Barcelona should not even allow Alves—or any player—to hold a press conference without lessons in dealing with the press. For Barca, the results were too little and too late.