MLB Trade Speculation: The 1 Player That Every Team Secretly Covets

Robert Knapel@@RobertKnapel_BRCorrespondent IApril 25, 2012

MLB Trade Speculation: The 1 Player That Every Team Secretly Covets

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    Every team in the major leagues has at least one need that they would like to fill. There are a number of players who could fill these needs, but teams have not publicly expressed interest in acquiring them.

    Some teams are dealing with injuries to key players that they are going to need to replace while others would simply just like to upgrade over one of their current starters.

    Of course, every team would love to have a player like Matt Kemp or Clayton Kershaw, but a deal for one of those two players is not feasible. For this slideshow, only players who could reasonably be moved are being considered.

    These potential moves are all speculation. Each one of these players could help the team that could be interested in them, but a move will likely not happen.

Arizona Diamondbacks: Ian Desmond

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    Shortstop is not a position of strength for the Arizona Diamondbacks. They currently are sending Willie Bloomquist out there every day and would likely be open to an upgrade.

    One player who would be a fit for the Diamondbacks at shortstop is Ian Desmond. The Washington Nationals could move Desmond and replace him with the up-and-coming Stephen Lombardozzi.

Atlanta Braves: Todd Frazier

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    The Atlanta Braves and the Cincinnati Reds already made a deal this year when Juan Francisco was sent to Atlanta for J.J. Hoover, and the Braves could have an interest in another young Reds player.

    Tyler Pastornicky is currently the Braves' starting shortstop, and the team could certainly use an upgrade. Todd Frazier can play shortstop for the year and then move to the outfield once Andrelton Simmons is ready for the majors.

Baltimore Orioles: Daniel Murphy

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    Through his first 23 at-bats with the Baltimore Orioles in 2012, Nick Johnson has failed to pick up a hit. The Orioles would obviously like more offensive production from their DH spot.

    Daniel Murphy would be a great fit for the Orioles. The New York Mets have struggled to find a position for him as he has played four positions in four years, but he is now a second baseman. Murphy would only have to worry about hitting, something he has done fairly well, if the Orioles acquire him.

Boston Red Sox: James Shields

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    The Daniel Bard experiment has gotten off to a rocky start as the Boston Red Sox temporarily moved him back into their bullpen.

    Even if Bard does return to the Red Sox's rotation, they still have a lot of room for improvement. James Shields would be a huge addition to the Red Sox, and they would love to have him. The problem for them is that there is almost no chance that the Tampa Bay Rays would trade him within the division.

Chicago Cubs: Josh Willingham

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    It appears as if the 2012 season will be a long one for the Chicago Cubs. They are off to a slow start, and their lineup has been struggling.

    One of the things that the Cubs' lineup really lacks is an established power hitter. Josh Willingham would easily fill that void for the Cubs.

Chicago White Sox: Jose Altuve

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    Ever since his rookie season, Gordon Beckham has been a bit of a disappointment for the Chicago White Sox. His start to the 2012 season is raising even more questions.

    The White Sox have gotten off to a good start, and they could use a young second baseman that they can trust. Jose Altuve would be a great fit for them.

Cincinnati Reds: Andre Ethier

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    Both Drew Stubbs and Ryan Ludwick have struggled a bit to start the year. Stubbs is starting to turn things around, and he has more of a solid spot in the Cincinnati Reds' lineup than Ludwick does.

    Cincinnati would certainly be willing to replace Ludwick if the Reds were able to find a better starter. Andre Ethier has gotten off to a hot start and would be a huge improvement for the Reds.

Cleveland Indians: Logan Morrison

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    Shin-Soo Choo was supposed to be the only sure thing in the Cleveland Indians' outfield this season, and even he has struggled so far this year.

    Logan Morrison would bring some instant stability to the Indians and would be a player who could be a key part of their future.

Colorado Rockies: Kevin Youkilis

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    So far Chris Nelson has been the player that the Colorado Rockies have gone with at third base while Nolan Arenado is working his way through the minors.

    Since the Rockies have playoff ambitions for this year, they wouldn't mind a short-term solution at third base. Kevin Youkilis could get pushed for playing time by Will Middlebrooks in Boston this year, and he could fit in with the Rockies before he becomes a free agent after the season.

Detroit Tigers: Darwin Barney

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    Second base has presented an issue for the Detroit Tigers for the past few years. They would certainly like a player who can hold down the starting job for a while.

    Darwin Barney could be that player for the Tigers. He is young and could help the Tigers for years to come.

Houston Astros: Alex Cobb

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    If there is one thing that the Houston Astros want to do at this point, it is bring in young players who can contribute within the next year or two.

    The Astros have some pitching prospects of their own who will reach the majors soon, and they could use one or two more. Since the Tampa Bay Rays have a plethora of pitching prospects, they could be open to dealing Alex Cobb.

Kansas City Royals: Jake Arrieta

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    Expectations are high for the Kansas City Royals this season, as it has been expected that their homegrown talent can finally help them finish above .500.

    Adding another young and talented starter to the Royals' pitching staff can help them out when they finally figure things out. Jake Arrieta would be a good pickup for the team.

Los Angeles Angels: Luis Perez

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    The Los Angeles Angels are lucky not to have many needs this year. There is a reason that they are one of the World Series favorites.

    Los Angeles has a strong bullpen, but it could use one more pitcher to round things out. Luis Perez could make a difference for the Angels.

Los Angeles Dodgers: Nick Markakis

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    Two of the Los Angeles Dodgers' outfield spots are currently locked down by Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier. The third is filled by Juan Rivera.

    Rivera is one of the weaker links on the Dodgers' team. If the Dodgers could acquire Nick Markakis, they would jump all over the opportunity.

Miami Marlins: Steve Clevenger

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    Out of all of the free-agent signings that the Miami Marlins have made in the history of their franchise, John Buck has been one of the worst.

    He has struggled offensively and has been decent defensively. Adding a catcher like Steve Clevenger would be a low-cost solution for the Marlins.

Milwaukee Brewers: James McDonald

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    After losing Prince Fielder to free agency, the Milwaukee Brewers are trying to find a way to get back to the playoffs.

    They suffered a setback in that pursuit when they lost starter Chris Narveson to a torn rotator cuff. James McDonald could be a good replacement for the fifth spot in the Brewers' rotation.

Minnesota Twins: Kyle Drabek

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    It is not a good sign for the Minnesota Twins that the ace of their starting rotation is Carl Pavano. The rest of the rotation is not that great either.

    What Minnesota needs is a few young starters to build around. Kyle Drabek could be the centerpiece of the Twins' future rotation.

New York Mets: Colby Rasmus

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    The best member of the New York Mets' outfield this season did not even begin the year in the majors. Other than Kirk Nieuwenhuis, the Mets' outfield has had some issues.

    New York is looking towards the future, and Colby Ramsus is the type of player who can help them now as well as in a few seasons.

New York Yankees: Chris Capuano

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    Early struggles are an issue for the New York Yankees' starting rotation this year. They are still without the injured Michael Pineda.

    Chris Capuano has been a good back-of-the-rotation starter recently, and he could slot in to the fifth spot in the rotation for the Yankees.

Oakland Athletics: Kyle Seager

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    Losing Scott Sizemore to an ACL tear made the Oakland Athletics reshuffle their infield plans this year. Oakland had been going with converted catcher Josh Donaldson at third base, but he has been sent to the minors.

    The Athletics need to find a long-term solution at third base. Kyle Seager is a player that the Athletics will see a lot of in the future, and they must wish that he was a member of their team.

Philadelphia Phillies: Howie Kendrick

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    With no formal timetable for Chase Utley's return, the Philadelphia Phillies are going to continue to go with Freddy Galvis at second base. While Galvis is great defensively, there are questions about what he can do at the plate.

    Howie Kendrick fits into the Phillies' win-now approach, and he can contribute both with the bat and in the field.

Pittsburgh Pirates: Matt Dominguez

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    With each passing game, Pedro Alvarez is looking like a bigger and bigger bust. He has struggled to hit major league pitching.

    Alvarez was supposed to be the Pittsburgh Pirates' third baseman of the future, but that has not gone according to plan. Miami Marlins prospect Matt Dominguez could be a good choice to try to fill that role in Pittsburgh.

San Diego Padres: Derek Lowe

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    No pitcher on the San Diego Padres staff is more than 28 years old. The team's rotation could benefit from having a veteran presence.

    Padres pitchers could learn a lot from someone like Derek Lowe who has years of pitching wisdom to impart on the team's young starters.

San Francisco Giants: Grant Balfour

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    Brian Wilson was one of the top closers in the major leagues, and losing him for the year to Tommy John surgery will certainly have a negative impact on the San Francisco Giants.

    While the Giants have replaced him internally for the time being, bringing in someone like Grant Balfour to close would be a smart decision.

Seattle Mariners: Bryan LaHair

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    Since the Seattle Mariners acquired Justin Smoak in 2010, he has failed to live up to the hype. While Smoak is still young, the Mariners may be losing patience with him.

    With Anthony Rizzo waiting in the wings for the Chicago Cubs, Bryan LaHair could become expendable, and Seattle is certainly a fit for him.

St. Louis Cardinals: Jason Kipnis

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    Daniel Descalso is a great utility man, but he probably should not be the St. Louis Cardinals' starting second baseman.

    If the St. Louis Cardinals could get a player such as Jason Kipnis, they would certainly jump at the opportunity.

Tampa Bay Rays: Geovany Soto

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    Jose Molina is currently the Tampa Bay Rays' starting catcher but they do not expect him to play every day. Tampa Bay needs a platoon partner for him.

    Consistency has been a problem for Geovany Soto throughout his career, but he could once again thrive if he experienced a chance of scenery.

Texas Rangers: Paul Konerko

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    If there is one weak spot that the Texas Rangers have, it is at first base with Mitch Moreland. It is one position that they are certainly looking to improve.

    Adding Paul Konerko would be a huge addition to the Rangers' lineup, and he would thrive at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. The Rangers have the prospects to pry him lose from the Chicago White Sox.

Toronto Blue Jays: Matt Garza

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    Competing in the American League East is certainly a difficult task for the Toronto Blue Jays. They need an elite rotation if they have are going to have a chance to make the playoffs.

    Rickey Romero is an ace, but Brandon Morrow has not yet proven that he is a No. 2 starter. The Blue Jays would be interested in a true No. 2 starter such as Matt Garza.

Washington Nationals: Yoenis Cespedes

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    Bryce Harper will eventually come up to the major leagues this season and fill in one of the holes in the Washington Nationals' outfield.

    However, there is still another spot that needs to be filled. Yoenis Cespedes could be the player who pushes the Nationals over the top and into the playoffs.