Janoris Jenkins: 6 Biggest Pros and Cons of 2012 NFL Draft Prospect

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIApril 26, 2012

Janoris Jenkins: 6 Biggest Pros and Cons of 2012 NFL Draft Prospect

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    Of all the players coming out of the NFL Draft, none may have as many red flags, stop signs and every questionable mark attached to his name as Janoris Jenkins has.

    After his junior season at the University of Florida, Jenkins was released from the team for off-field issues with the law and enrolled at North Alabama. Concerns about his maturity and his use of illegal drugs still cloud his future, but there is no denying there is talent there as Jenkins, at 5'10" and 193 pounds, is among the best cover defenders in this draft.

    How teams look at Jenkins now as opposed to back in the days from Gainesville is unknown, but if a team is looking for a lockdown cornerback, Jenkins may become the best out of this year's draft.

    According to CBSSportsline.com, Jenkins is the 48th-ranked player on its draft board and will be taken in the second round.

    Here are some pluses and minuses of Jenkin's game, according to SidelineScouting.com.

Is a Very Fluid Player

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    Jenkins moves well without the ball. What he may do better than others, is change direction with the receiver in motion.

    Sideline Scouting says, "Jenkins has good speed, quick feet and hips and changes direction fairly easily."

    Also, Jenkins is more physical than size would indicate. He likes to disrupt the play and cause issues for the receiver as they try to catch the ball in motion.

Can Read and Recognize Well on the Field

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    Jenkins has the keen ability to tell what type of play if coming. That is beneficial in read and react situations.

    Like the scouting report stats, "Jenkins has been compared to 2010 first-round corner Kyle Wilson, and plays bigger than his size."

    He plays with an aggression that gives receivers a hard time on the field.

Knows How to Tackle

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    Jenkins has a lot of upside, and has the potential to be a true lockdown corner at the next level. Jenkins could be chosen anywhere from 17th with the Cincinnati Bengals, to 23rd with the Detroit Lions to the second round.

    I see him as someone that is chosen in the late first round by the New England Patriots and becomes a star in this league.

A Wee Bit Short

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    Can a cornerback be too short for the position?

    Sideline Scouting said "he is slightly below-average height for the position. He will have a few issues playing man-to-man coverage with taller more athletic receivers."

    Can he make adjustments that will allow him to use his talents to get the better of those receivers?

Needs to Work on Aggression

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    The scouting report also mentions that Jenkins tends to be a bit too aggressive on a play. While at times that is a good thing while trying to make receivers miss their assignments, it can lead to overplaying the ball and being penalized.

    To improve, Jenkins needs to work on being better in coverage and run support. If he tends to follow the ball and not the receiver, he misses tackles, which leads to big gains.

Can't Let Them Beat You

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    "Because of his height, Jenkins is adequate in jump ball situations, but will get beat by bigger receivers because his leaping ability is just average at best," this according to Sideline Scouting.

    Also, there are times when he gets beat in coverage and has to show a willingness to recover on the play to stop the receiver.

    He will also be a key player on special teams.