Darron Thomas: 5 Biggest Strengths and Weaknesses of 2012 NFL Draft Prospect

Vincent Frank@VincentFrankNFLCorrespondent IApril 25, 2012

Darron Thomas: 5 Biggest Strengths and Weaknesses of 2012 NFL Draft Prospect

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    I would like to know who was counseling Darron Thomas when he made the decision to declare for the 2012 NFL draft earlier this year. It seemed to make little sense at that time and nothing has changed since.

    Simply put, Thomas was probably a marginal quarterback prospect even if he had spent another season at Oregon. Now it appears that he is a late-round prospect at best.

    This article is going to focus on five strengths and weaknesses to his game as they relate to the National Football League.

Strength: Size

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    Darron Thomas stands at 6'3", which isn't tall for a quarterback by any standards. However, it does allow the Oregon product to stand up in the pocket and look over the top of the defensive line.

    He will be able to find throwing lanes between the hashes on a consistent basis, never being handcuffed by a lack of size.

    Just for comparison's sake, Thomas is taller than Robert Griffin III, who is guaranteed to be the No. 2 pick on Thursday.

Weakness: Mechanics

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    This still frame suggests about as much as a picture can in regards to a quarterback prospect. Take a real close look at it for a second. First, he is in the middle of a windup, which is never a good thing. Secondly, he seems to be staring down his receiver.

    Videos of the former Oregon quarterback show the same thing: He needs a tremendous amount of help as it relates to mechanics. In fact, Thomas leaves so much to be desired here that it could be two or three years before he should even sniff the football field on Sundays.

    Imagine a team selecting a project quarterback and saying to themselves, "Well, he is going to ride the pine for three years." Do you see that happening?

Strength: Mobility and Athleticism

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    Surprisingly, Darron Thomas did not dazzle in the athletic drills at the combine in Indianapolis. He ran a pedestrian 4.80 40-yard dash. However, that isn't an indication of his on-field football speed. Thomas will be able to break the pocket and run for substantial yardage at the next level.

    Moreover, the Oregon product possesses tremendous athleticism outside of the pocket, consistently making would-be tacklers miss and getting rid of the ball downfield.

Weakness: Lacks Ability to Look Past Initial Read

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    Oregon's spread offense did not force Darron Thomas to look past his initial read too often. When he was asked to do so, Thomas struggled a great deal.

    He doesn't possess good field awareness and throws into tight windows a great deal. This usually happens when Thomas cannot connect with this initial read and has to resort to second or third options.

    Obviously, this part of the game is an important aspect for a prospect seeking employment in the National Football League.

Weakness: Most Inaccurate Quarterback Prospect in the Draft

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    Darron Thomas struggles a great deal with accuracy. Considering that he doesn't have the best arm strength in the quarterback class, the Oregon product should be relying on intermediate routes.

    That is where he struggles the must. Thomas is unable to put the ball on the receiver, consistently throwing behind his intended targets.

    Overall, I do think that some team will draft Thomas in the sixth or seventh round. It is just extremely hard to imagine him ever being a successful quarterback in the NFL.