2009 Royal Rumble Review and Possible Story Lines

Andrew HoltCorrespondent IJanuary 26, 2009

So this is my very first article I have ever written on this website so I hope you will enjoy it.  This is just my opinion concerning the 2009 Royal Rumble and possible future story lines for the WWE.  If you like what I have written then that's cool and if you don't that's cool too, I just thought I'd share my ideas with the WWE Community.

Jack Swagger vs. Matt Hardy

Of course I believe everybody wanted to see Matt Hardy retain the ECW Championship last night at the Royal Rumble, as did I, but after thinking about it I am really glad Hardy lost to Swagger.  As a result, this gives Hardy the opportunity to leave ECW and go back to Smackdown to feud with his brother, Jeff (hopefully you know what I am talking about, if not I will explain later).

This also gives Swagger the opportunity to be the headliner of ECW, which probably isn't such a great achievement, but it's something.  I believe the only reason they sent Hardy to ECW last year in the WWE Draft was to make people actually tune in every Tuesday night to watch ECW, which I guess it worked for the most part.  In my opinion, ECW is just the new HEAT of the WWE with it mainly consisting of new up-and-comers.

With Swagger as champion, I believe it will create the possibility of more story lines regarding the other rookie wrestlers such as Ricky Ortiz, DJ Gabriel, and especially Evan Bourne, when he returns.  But before or after that happens, there will probably be some type of Swagger/Dreamer feud again which will lead to Tommy Dreamer's retirement storyline, I don't know, that's just my guess.

Melina vs. Beth Phoenix

I was glad to see Melina win the Women's Championship, but I was just glad to see Santino during this match.  While I was watching this match, I noticed the in-ring chemistry with Melina and Beth wasn't very good.  They seemed to mess up the so called "flow" of the match, I guess by botching some moves, and the choreography was not executed properly throughout the match.  I'm just glad Melina didn't get dropped on her head and hurt herself, but it was quite entertaining when Beth was using Melina's foot to kick herself in the head, that was probably the highlight of the match.

With Beth being out of the Women's Championship picture for the moment, this might give the fans another classic Mickie James and Melina feud, or another way they might go is a Melina/Rosa Mendes feud to get Mendes into the Raw story lines.  And with Beth losing to Melina, she might "break up" with Santino and move to Smackdown and contend for the Divas title so Smackdown gains a stronger women's division and Santino and Rosa would be together and stay on Raw.

With Beth Phoenix off of Raw, it could give more of an opportunity to use more of the Raw Divas, such as Candice, Kelly Kelly, and Layla in some type of storyline like bra and panties matches, or lingerie matches, you know, the good Diva matches; but not Jillian, she needs to be fired, there is nothing attractive about that woman.

JBL vs John Cena

ZZZZZZZ!!!! Quite possibly the most boring match of the night, I would tell you what happened but to be honest I was talking with my friends during the match so I'd stay awake.  I wanted JBL to win because like many of the WWE fans 10 years and older, I hate Cena.  Anyways, it got interesting when Michaels entered the ring after the referee was "knocked out."

I believe the reason he gave JBL sweet chin music was to just kick his "boss" in the face.  Come on now, how many times have you wanted to kick your boss in the face? I know I have wanted to on many occasions.  And he super kicked Cena too, so that JBL would win the match and it confused the audience because we are still unsure which side HBK is on, but for me personally I have lost total interest in this storyline.

The end of the match was sooooo predictable it wasn't even funny, it was obvious Cena was going to kick out and F-U JBL and win the match to make the children happy.  I don't know where this storyline is going, but putting the Undertaker face-to-face with HBK before that match was a brilliant foreshadowing for the possibility of a huge match at WM25, which is being rumored all around the internet.

Edge vs Jeff Hardy

I am sad to see Hardy lose his WWE Championship, but a brother vs. brother feud can be an excellent substitute for Jeff losing his title.  If you didn't see it, Matt came out to what we thought help his brother Jeff by giving Edge a con-chair-to, but instead Matt ends up purposefully hitting Jeff with the chair, sealing the victory for Edge. Probably one of the biggest shockers of the night.

This is the perfect opportunity, like I mentioned earlier, for Matt to leave ECW and come back to Smackdown as a heel.  Now everyone thought Christian was going to cost Jeff the title, but using Matt was a better twist; although I was disappointed that Christian didn't debut last night, oh well. 

One thing I commend Jeff for doing was using a ladder to drive Chavo through the announcers' table, I don't remember the last time he had done that to any superstar. That is vintage Hardy in my book.

As for future storyline possibilities, I think they could go many ways with this one.  Who knows, maybe Christian comes back to team with Jeff to take out Edge and Matt; or Matt realizes what he had done was wrong and teams up with Jeff to take on Edge and Christian and WM25 in a classic TLC match. No matter what happens I can't wait to see what the Smackdown writers have in store for us.

Royal Rumble Match

This was the most entertaining part of the whole night, in my opinion.  My favorite was the return of RVD which I think nobody expected it.  Although I have heard and read that it was a one-time deal and he is not really back with the company, but if he decides to sign a contract with WWE again, THAT'D BE AWESOME!!! 

The whole time I thought since Christian didn't return during the Hardy/Edge match, he must be in the Rumble at No. 30, but when Hacksaw came out as No. 29, I knew it wasn't meant to be because the Big Show had not made his appearance yet.

At one point in the match it was hard to follow what was going on because it seemed like they had about 15 people in the ring all at once.  I really enjoyed seeing Rey Mysterio almost get eliminated, but saved himself by walking on the back's of The Miz and John Morrison to get back into the match, that was pretty clever.  Orton's RKO to Mysterio was pretty sweet as well.

I called it from the beginning of the Pay Per View that Randy Orton was going to win the Royal Rumble like many others and I'm glad he did.  My back up choice would have been The Undertaker, but he doesn't need to win the Rumble to gain a main event match at Wrestlemania.  No matter what match Taker has at WM25, it will be the caliber of a main event, he never disappoints.  So a Taker/HBK match would blow the roof of the stadium (even though I think the Texans' stadium has a retractable roof, oh well, you know what I mean).

With Orton being the victor of the Rumble, the age of Orton has returned upon Raw.  I believe this will give a good storyline for The Legacy.  While Orton is focusing on Wrestlemania, it gives Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase the opportunity to team up again and possibly go after the World Tag Team Titles.  But before they do that, I think they should have a quick feud with Goldust and Hacksaw Jim Duggan to have a Legacy/Legends rivalry, not to mention another brother vs. brother feud with Rhodes and Goldust. 

After that, Manu and Snuka would have a babyface turn and start feuding with Legacy to give them more camera time.  Because we have all seen what happens when you don't appear on television after a while when working for the WWE, you get fired.

As for Orton, I would like to see him feud with HHH and they have a match at WM25. You might be asking "But wait isn't HHH on Smackdown and Orton's a Raw guy, how can that be possible?  Well I think it would be a good idea for HHH to get fed up with Vickie Guerrero and decide to return to Raw, but he returns at No Way Out winning Raw's Elimination Chamber Match to become the new World Heavyweight Champion.  I honestly don't see anymore story lines regarding HHH on Smackdown, unless he feuds with Undertaker, but that won't happen since they are both faces.

My biggest hope would be that Wrestle Mania 25 would be Cena-Free, meaning he doesn't have a match and should go make another crappy movie or something, but I doubt that will happen.

Anyways, that's the end of my long ramble about the Royal Rumble and possibly story lines to follow said Rumble.  If you liked my ideas I would love to hear it and if you disagree with my ideas I would love to hear your opinions as well.  Thanks for reading!