Toronto Raptors Dethrone Kings

Jeff SantarossaCorrespondent IJanuary 26, 2009


It was an unusual Sunday 6pm ET start time at the ACC, but it looked as though the same old Raptors came to play. A high school-like defensive effort in combination with an NBA offence created a 3-pt half time lead. But it was the play of the Killer B's with the assistance of the chatty C that allowed for the route of the Sacramento Kings.

The trio combined for an impressive 71 of 113 points. Calderon playing in his second game back from a hamstring injury has been as refreshing as a cold MGD on a warm day.

If the Raptors would like to continue this quality of play against subpar opponents they will have to look back at the trade not many people heard about. The trading of D-League Bargnani for N.1 pick Bargnani. Similar in height, wingspan, and beard length, the new Bargnani has allowed GM Brian Colangelo to add another trading piece to his list in O'Neal.

Jermaine has been playing on soon-to-be prosthetic knees, but has been a quality player for every game he has been healthy in…Feels like about eight  Despite this, rumours between the Raptors and the Heat have been flying around like nobody's business. The trade would bring Keanu Reeves (Marion) and Marcus Banks to the Raptors.

The Matrix, Shaun Marion, would likely be put into the starting 3-spot. He will be replacing a player in Moon who unfortunately doesn't have the ability to put his head band on correctly. An upgrade? No question. But just like when you tried to hide that first greasy magazine and got caught; the Raptors inability to finish games won't go anywhere.

Until Toronto can find someone that can finish a game without getting blocked by that alien looking creature out of Florida (you know who you are). They will once again be extinct from the second round of the playoffs.