2009-2010: When Will The Torture End?

Bleacher ReportAnalyst IJanuary 26, 2009

It was a torturous season to say the least. The Saints would win one, lose one, win one, and lose one. It wasn't a surprise that they finished the season at .500.

This team needs a Lombardi Trophy and quickly.

They seem to be on the right track, so far at least. Instead of shrugging off their defensive problems as they did the year before, they fired defensive coordinator Gary Gibbs and hired Greg Williams who is supposed to be really good at building defenses. I wouldn't know, I've never heard of the guy.

Drew Brees will probably be playing again like the elite quarterback that he is, hopefully we'll run the ball more next season though. Pierre Thomas isn't the next Duece McAllister, he's too small and wouldn't last an entire season where he got 25-30 carries per game but if the Saints can get a pounder, then the Black and Gold could have an arsenal of running backs similar to the New York Giants.

Maybe Mike Bell will fit somewhere on that depth chart.

So, the Saints have been active so far, but will that carry into free agency and the draft. Getting Vilma and Shockey last year is sure to hurt us with our draft picks, I don't have all of the numbers but it's gonna hurt somewhere.

Hopefully Tracy Porter and Sedrick Ellis can carry their solid play into next season, that defense needs all of the help that it can get as you well know.

This team's offense is good enough, that if that defense gets a little better, than we could possibly be looking at a Black and Gold Super Bowl as soon as next year.

Who Dat?