Does College Football Need a New Playoff System?

matt stevensContributor IMarch 2, 2008

Let me first start off by saying that this is more of a petition than an article.

College football is such a great sport with so many emotions involved. Unlike the pros, college games mean more than making money.  Also, anything can happen in college football. For example, the biggest upset of 2007 was Division I-AA Appalachian State's victory over Michigan, who was ranked 5th in Division I, on September 1st.

The college games are currently ruined by the fact that only two teams have a shot at competing for the national title.  All teams that qualify for a bowl game should be able to compete for the BCS National Championship in a playoff system.  If you lose one game in college football, then your hopes are basically killed.  

There needs to be a playoff system implicated so that all teams of all sizes will have an equal shot at a national title. Then there wouldn't be anymore complaining from the fans of smaller schools such as Hawaii in 2007.

Am I the only fan that thinks a new playoff system is needed? 

I don't believe that I am, so leave comments on what you think about the college football situation. Maybe collectively, we, as fans, can help talk some sense into the minds of the NCAAF chairmen.