Notre Dame: Now Overrated in More Than Just Football

Brett KettyleCorrespondent IJanuary 26, 2009

The new Coaches Poll came out today and while browsing the rankings there were a few things that surprised me.

Here I will point out an obvious one. You make the choice on which of the following two teams should be ranked.

Team 1:

  • Overall Record:12-6
  • Conference Record: 3-4
  • Conference RPI: 3rd
  • Team RPI: 71st
  • Current Streak: L3
  • Strength of Schedule: 82nd

Team 2:

  • Overall Record: 14-5
  • Conference Record: 4-1
  • Conference RPI: 1st
  • Team RPI: 32nd
  • Current Streak: W5
  • Strength of Schedule: 31st

Assuming that most people can understand the numbers on displayed above, they would see that Team 2 is much more deserving of being ranked than Team 1. But who are these teams?

Team 1 is everybody's favorite overrated football squad (and apparently now an overrated basketball school as well): Notre Dame

Team 2 is the second place team in the best basketball conference in the country: Virginia Tech

Yet when the latest coaches poll came out, Notre Dame was ranked 22nd while Virginia Tech managed to pick up just one vote, despite having better numbers than Notre Dame in overall record, conference record, RPI, Conference RPI, SOS and Current Streak. I am not saying teams should be ranked solely based on RPI or record, but in this case Notre Dame is worse in both regards.

Notre Dame: Now overrated in more than football