2012 NFL Draft Can't-Miss Prospects

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Considering that Cam Newton, the 2011 No. 1 overall pick, inked a contract worth $22 million after being drafted, it goes without saying that investing in first round players is an extremely delicate decision-making process.

Not only is a franchise's financial stability at stake, so too are wins and losses. Risk typically isn't rewarded, so general managers and coaches must be shrewd in selecting the next piece of their team's puzzle.

So, when there are low-risk, "can't miss" players available on the board, teams must take advantage.

In 2012, the likes of Andrew Luck and Morris Claiborne are as close to guarantees as an NFL franchise can draft and can arguably start from day one. 

On this episode of NFL Draft 365, find out why teams should select these players and more, while avoiding draft pitfalls.

NFL Draft 365 is a production of Bleacher Report Videos. The show highlights all of the players, news, happenings and gossip surrounding the NFL Draft and is covered year-round for NFL fans, who are serious about their teams.

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