No Heart: The Continuing Story of the Utah Jazz

Diana AllenCorrespondent IJanuary 26, 2009

Another road loss.

It's nothing new to Utah Jazz fans.

This has become the norm with the Jazz. Win at home and lose on the road. Play with heart at home and stand around and shoot jumpers on the road. Get steals and deflections at home, watch players go by for uncontested layups on the road.

It's tiresome, it's depressing. There is no hope in Jazzville this year. The media says things will change when Carlos Boozer gets back.

But why should they? The Jazz will still be starting players who would be coming off the bench for most other teams. Jerry Sloan will still refuse to call timely timeouts and the scouting crew will still do a horrible job by allowing players like Houston's Von Wafer to go off.

It's not likely the team will make any mid-season trades, not because they aren't needed but because the owner will likely say the team is good as is, sans the injuries.

That would be wrong. Even with everyone healthy, this lineup is not built to beat the Los Angeles Lakers or the San Antonio Spurs, the two teams it must beat if it wants to win a championship. 

The core group of guys could be third place in the West, however, if everyone was healthy. But they'll never be a championship team. They lack the most important ingredient to win a championship.