Ryan Tannehill's Fiancee: See Pics of Lauren Ufer

Zack PumerantzAnalyst IIIApril 24, 2012

Ryan Tannehill's Fiancee: See Pics of Lauren Ufer

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    Rising up draft boards, shining on Gruden's quarterback camp, becoming a national phenomenon. Ryan Tannehill is doing it all.

    And he's got a new stage-hogging girlfriend to share it with. Lauren Ufer's already got the ring, now she's set to rule the WAG world.

    We weren't really familiar until her boyfriend finished a memorable combine, and now it seems like these two are ready to become the premier NFL power couple.

    Let's take a look.

7. Promising Stuff

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    A great start indeed, this blonde bombshell might fit right in with the Miami fanbase.

    But is that a reach for Texas A&M product Ryan Tannehill? Possibly...definitely.

6. Another Face in the Crowd

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    That is the smile of someone ready to turn pro, ready for the flashing lights of the big stage.

    Perfect white teeth. Impressive.

5. Luckier Than Luck?

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    They were planning to marry in January of this year, so it's possible they've already tied the knot, but either way, Ryan Tannehill and Lauren Ufer seem here to stay.


4. Dual-Threat Approach

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    Having played wide receiver during his redshirt freshman and sophomore seasons, quarterback Ryan Tannehill naturally knew what it took to catch a supermodel hottie.

    Now he has to take that knowledge to the NFL and numb defenses with it.

3. Building Her Portfolio

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    But of course she's a model.

    Honestly shocking.

2. Budding Star?

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    So while we expect him to go to the Dolphins, there are other possibilities for Ryan Tannehill and his lovely lady.

    Actually, not really.

1. Striped Celebrity

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    As they both prepare for the professional tabloids, Lauren Ufer and Ryan Tannehill will continue building a stellar game plan.

    They can avoid the paparazzi with traps and hideouts.