Montreal Canadiens Certainly Put on an All-Star Show

Charles L. GareCorrespondent IJanuary 26, 2009

The All-Star game was its usual self, a very dry shinny game with a lot of skill on display. On that basis it was great.

The first period ending with the East leading 4-2, Carey Price showed well for his first All-Star appearance and Alex Kovalev really seemed to be in his element getting the puck whenever possible and scoring. It was good he scored the winner in the shootout. Also, Tim Thomas showed well and kept it tied.

The Saturday night skills competition was like watching paint dry to say the least, but I feel it should have been followed up by the All-Star game the same night. But that would take all the joy out of having a long, drawn-out affair.

The show put together by the Montreal Canadiens hockey club was worth the money. And with the introduction of past "Montreal Hockey Greats" it was worthwhile.

The intro of the teams and the starters seemed to be a rushed procedure. Get 'em out there, and get the game going.

Toronto GM Brain Burke seemed to have a very strong opinion regarding the keeping of the All-Star format, for the show that it is.

The end result was a 12-11 East win, with Kovalev getting the MVP award, a car I'm sure he doesn't need. It was a good show and let's leave it at that.