Trent Richardson's Girlfriend: See Pics of His Ex Sevina Fatu

Zack Pumerantz@z_pumerantzAnalyst IIIApril 26, 2012

Trent Richardson's Girlfriend: See Pics of His Ex Sevina Fatu

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    Following an All-American career at Alabama in which he ran for 3,130 yards and 35 touchdowns, Trent Richardson seems to have only scraped the edge of stardom as he prepares to be taken within the first five picks of the 2012 NFL draft

    But his shifty moves and magnificent dreads got him a longtime girlfriend and two daughters long before he was a national phenom.

    While we might be able to "strip the ex" from their status sooner rather than later, we'd rather get to know the woman behind the running back before making any quick commitments.

    Sevina Fatu seems ready for the entrance.

5. Tackled for Loss

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    As to avoid beating around the bush, let's point out that Trent Richardson and his ex-girlfriend have two daughters, seemingly the passions behind Richardson's toughness.

    Taliyah was born during Richardson's sophomore year of high school and Elvera during his senior year.

4. Looking to the Past

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    Rarely does Sevina Fatu pose for the camera, but when she does, she prefers to hint at it.

    Nicely done, we're totally lost.

3. Family Life

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    Considering she is from a family of renowned Samoan-American professional wrestlers, Servina Fatu was probably crucial in the development of Trent Richardson's ferocious running style.

    Former WWE Intercontinental champion Umaga is her uncle, no big deal.

2. An Inquisitive Mind

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    Honestly she doesn't seem very thrilled.

    But things could be turning around.

1. Sparks Flying?

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    Maybe, who knows and who cares really?

    Trent Richardson could make the Browns a thrilling team to watch next year, watch it happen.