Top 5 Myths About the 2012 NFL Draft

NFL Draft 365Official AccountApril 24, 2012

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NFL Draft Expert Matt Miller has descended upon New York City and Radio City Music Hall, site of the 2012 NFL Draft, with the first round beginning Thursday evening.

Nicknamed the "Showplace of the Nation" Radio City Music Hall will certainly showcase some of the NFL's biggest talent in just under three days.

Today, Miller debunks some of the myths that are festering within the NFL Draft discussion and are patently false.

One of those myths is the status of Alabama's Trent Richardson as legitimate top-five pick. Recent trends skew away from selecting a running back so high, but Richardson is a big time NFL prospect, worthy of an early first round selection.

Additionally, Justin Blackmon has garnered the lion's share of attention as 2012's best wide receiver, but not so fast. There's another receiver Miller believes will be selected before Blackmon.

Who is that receiver? And, what are the other three myths that Miller sheds light on before Thursday? Get the answers on this episode of NFLDraft365.


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