Welcome Back, Andy Pettitte?

JerseySenior Analyst IJanuary 26, 2009

For some inexplicable reason, Andy Pettitte rejected the Yankees' one-year, 10 million dollar offer. His agents claimed that another team had offered three years at 12 mil per, but they're clearly terrible liars (who would offer even close to that, and why hadn't Andy taken it if it was on the table?), so the Yankees called their bluff. Sure enough, after spurning the Yanks, Pettitte did not end up on some mystery team for three seasons.

So the two seemed to have split ways—the Yankees not willing to overpay even further for an old pitcher who imploded down the stretch. Pettitte, however, couldn't find any other suitors, and now the team and the player are trying to work out some sort of deal.

The 10 million offer is gone for good. It was an extremely undeserved deal for Pettitte, and the Yankees were only willing to overpay because he's a fan favorite. But after turning it down once, Pettitte had to know it wouldn't be offered again. The Yankees don't play games like that.

So now they're close to a deal worth six million dollars plus incentives that could at least double the contract. It's a good deal for both sides, I believe. The Yankees don't overpay for their fifth starter, and Pettitte only gets his big money if he actually shows he's worth it. Meanwhile, Pettitte obviously believes he can pitch fairly well again, and is now willing to accept potential money instead of what's guaranteed. If he does live up to his own expectations, Pettitte would walk away with more than the original offer.

So the Yankees only have to pay for results, and Pettitte gets to return to the Bronx for another season. It's highly conceivable he'll throw the first pitch in the new Yankee Stadium, although I believe that honor should go to Mr. Derek Sanderson Jeter.

In other news, Little Dusty's big brother likes the kiddies. Bad boy!