Kim Kardashian Plays Basketball in Tight Dress, Won't Go Away

Ryan KlockeFeatured ColumnistApril 24, 2012

Just when the sporting world thought it could start ignoring everyone's favorite ex-wife of an average NBA player who's famous for a shallow reality show (among other things), Kim Kardashian showed up at a party in a spandex-tight dress and started busting off jumpers. 

Yeah, there's pictures. And they're getting picked up by sports blogs (we're not stupid, she's a traffic monster). And it's all creating more publicity for that show, which is conveniently starting a new season soon.

Really, we thought she was gone. No more athletes, just Kanye. We thought we could hand her off to the music folks: Enjoy, now speculate and gawk. We've got NFL Draft WAGs to concentrate on.

Yet, it's not the case. Like it or not (most people don't), the name Kardashian still holds resonance in sports—even if the family's star jettisoned her 13-points-per-game hubby after 72 days and the star's sister has a husband whom the Mavericks dumped like, well, Kim dumped her 13-points-per game-hubby. 

So, here we are. What we see here is Kim playing Pop-a-Shot (that game you wasted mad tokens on at Chuck E. Cheese) at a party for Jeep hosted by Chris Paul. The Big Lead provided these details, which they delivered without any deadpan whatsoever.

Chris Paul hosted a party for Jeep. Some celebrities were there. Kim Kardashian was one of those celebrities ... Kim Kardashian shot a basketball. 

Well played.

"Then why write anything," you ask? Because. It's just the nature of the beast. Even if we're sick of Kim Kardashian, and even if you're sick of her, she still finds ways to make news. Do we fan the flames? Probably. But don't blame us. It's not our fault she's so popular, and we definitely didn't tell her to pick up that basketball. 

But she did, and they're good pics, and I clicked on them. Guilty.