Why Do We Care About "Since the All-Star Break"?

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Why Do We Care About
Chris Chambers/Getty Images

Have you heard what this player has done since the All-Star break? Have you heard how fantastic or how bad his numbers have been bad. Or maybe that he showed a new ability to hit three-pointers. Either way, you should really check out what this guy has done since the February demarcation point.

I wonder why the ASB is the end all and be all of "since." While it marks a period where the league is joined in its rest, All-Star Weekend is not exactly a lengthy vacation. Also, for the best players, the ones who really matter, it isn't even a break. They must play in the game and take part in various festivities for media and fans. 

Ask yourself: For what logical reason would the All-Star break send, say, Chris Bosh's stats into a tailspin? He played in the game, the weekend was not a break for Bosh. And yet, he has posted worse rebounding and scoring numbers since that fake respite

Players travel all year. It seems a bit arbitrary to make the All-Star game an ever important reference point. But I'll keep doing it because, the All-Star break has been so convenient to use as a divider since the All-Star break. 

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