WCW Blast from the Past: Looking Back at Old-School WCW Merchandise

Clint BuckwoodCorrespondent IIApril 24, 2012

WCW Blast from the Past: Looking Back at Old-School WCW Merchandise

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    Back again, this time with a look at old-school WCW merchandise.

    WCW was a little late getting into the merchandising game. The WWF really had their act together when it came to merchandise, and had been selling items through their catalogs, inside the pages of the WWF Magazine, since around 1985.

    WCW on the other hand, didn't have a official catalog included in their magazine until around 1990, and even then, their Wrestling Wrap-Up publication was very limited in circulation, mostly at arena shows across the USA.

    In 1991, with the debut of the new and improved WCW Magazine, WCW made a good effort to market their items to the masses, but unfortunately, that didn't last too long, as their magazine went out of business in 1994 and didn't return until late 1995.

    So with that said, let's take a trip down WCW memory lane, with a brief stop at Badstreet USA, and have some fun!

Sting and The Steiner Brothers

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    Great collection of WCW T-shirts on display, including a bunch from my favorite tag team of all time, the Steiner Brothers. Newer fans, might find it hard to believe, but that really is Scott Steiner, aka "Big Poppa Pump."

    Sting was the icon. WCW's version of John Cena. Sting had more merchandise than anyone in the company, and rightfully so, because he sold tons of it.

    There's the great Brian Pillman with a very cheesy shirt, and there's Z-Man again.

    Watching a lot of WCW back in the day, I don't remember seeing a lot of Z-Man merchandise in the audience.

Dynamic Dudes!

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    Anybody recognize the blond-haired man in the yellow hat? If you said Johnny Ace aka John Laurinaitis, then you are correct! What do you win? I don't know, perhaps one of the those awesome Dynamic Dude shirts.

    The legendary Great Muta also makes a rare appearance inside this WCW Catalog. I don't recall ever seeing that Muta shirt, and I really think they could have made him a much nicer one then that.

    One of the greatest tag teams of all time, LOD, The Road Warriors. I like Animal's black tee.

    Another one of my favorites, the "Total Package" Lex Luger.

Early 90's Neon

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    I never knew WCW made a Sting bath robe, but there it is!

    Neon colored clothing was popular in the early 90's, but I am happy to say that I never owned a mint-green Steiner Brothers sweatshirt or a bright pink Sting sweatshirt. They had the matching pink hat too.

    The big guy with the teddy bear was known as Norman "The Lunatic."

    Yeah, not one of WCW's best creations.

WCW Video Game

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    WCW's first-ever video game!

    It seemed all wrestling video games were the same back then, and its unbelievable to see the amount of progress they have made with video games.

    Back then, we were happy with what they gave us, and believe me, it wasn't much. Especially when you look at how realistic and detailed today's games are.

    A really fun look and review for this video game can be found here.

More Sting!

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    More Sting goods!

    Out of all the Sting merchandise, this black shirt he is wearing is my favorite.

    If WWE were to ever release a DVD of the Stinger, I wouldn't mind that logo, prominently displayed on the cover.

The Horsemen

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    Finally, some Four Horsemen merchandise!

    Very cool Horsemen shirts, and also some Ric Flair tees to choose from.

    WCW was late to start on marketing their merchandise, but once they got started, they did a pretty good job of promoting their most popular wrestlers.

    The tag team of Doom, featuring the recent WWE Hall of Fame inductee, Ron Simmons and his partner Butch Reed.

Badstreet USA

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    All right, business has picked up and we have arrived at Badstreet USA!

    The very iconic Fabulous Freebirds T-shirt. I gotta say, WWE is really missing the boat on not re-releasing some of these classic tees.

    One of the greatest tag teams of all time, The Midnight Express, and their manager, Jim Cornette. Hopefully, in the very near future, the Midnight Express will take their rightful spot in the WWE Hall of Fame.

    Check out that Captain Mike Rotunda shirt, wow. He later became known as IRS in the WWF.

    Then we have El Gigante, WCW's giant. He later was known as Giant Gonzalez in the WWF.


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    The icon Sting, pointing to a VHS tape of one of my all-time favorite events, Starrcade 1989. The event featured a one night "Iron Man" tournament, which featured, Sting, Lex Luger, The Great Muta and Ric Flair.

    The tag team portion of the tournament featured, The Steiners, The Road Warriors, Doom and The Samoan Swat Team.

    In my opinion, it is the greatest one night tournament in wrestling history.

    Also featured is Wrestle War 1990, which featured Ric Flair vs. Lex Luger in the main event.

WCW Wrestling Buddies

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    WCW's Wrestling Buddies!

    For some reason, my Toys R Us never carried these wrestling buddies, so the most I ever saw of them was in these catalogs.

    Also featured here are some of the WCW action figures. Luckily, they did carry these in my area, and I had just about all of them.

    Not sure why WCW didn't make more of their VHS collection available, but here they feature Capitol Combat 1990, which ranks high on my list of favorites.

WCW Jackets

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    I was the proud owner of the WWF Ultimate Warrior jacket, and one day I will write the story of why my Warrior jacket went into "Ultimate Retirement," but here you have WCW's line of wrestler themed jackets.

    The WCW World Title was pretty cool, but I have no idea why they made the U.S. Title white.

Slam Jam

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    WCW Slam Jam!

    A collection of WCW wrestlers' theme music.

    I give WCW a lot of credit on this one, because most of the themes they produced for this album were really good.


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    Here is some of the merchandise from the WCW/nWo years. This was during WCW's most profitable and successful years, during the WCW vs. nWo feud.

    I love that all-red Wolfpac shirt.

    Then you have the original nWo shirt and the nWo Wolfpac shirts.

    Between the nWo shirts and the Sting mask, WCW was really selling a lot of merchandise at this time.

Action Figures

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    I wasn't too thrilled with these action figures. They looked pretty cheap compared to the WWF figures at the time, but there were some decent ones, like the Rowdy Roddy Piper figure, which isn't pictured.

    Thankfully, years later, wrestling action figures got a lot more detailed-looking and realistic.

Monday Night Jericho

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    The Monday Night Jericho shirt was and still is a favorite among wrestling fans. That is one of the best shirts WCW ever produced, and I wouldn't be surprised if Chris had creative input on the design of the tee.

    Very cool Diamond Dallas Page shirt as well.

    WCW was really doing a excellent job of marketing their merchandise during this time in the company.

    I hope you enjoyed this look at some of the WCW collectibles from over the years, feel free to leave your feedback and comments, as I always enjoy hearing from you.