Tennessee Titans Mock Draft: Buying and Selling Matt Miller's Picks

Nate DunlevyGuest ColumnistApril 24, 2012

Everyone loves Mercilus to the Titans
Everyone loves Mercilus to the TitansJonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Matt Miller has been crushing the draft preparation for the last few months, and by now his fingers are cramped, his eyes are glazed over, and he's desperately ready for break.

Before he gets to take a nap for the first time in 2012, he graces us with his final seven-round mock draft. Rather than be appreciative his exhaustive research and masterful execution, I'm going to pick it apart and look for flaws.

Last up is the Tennessee Titans. Do we buy or sell or Matt's picks?


Round 1

Matt's Pick: Whitney Mercilus DE, Illinois

Nate's Vote: SELL

Nate's Pick: Dontari Poe

Poe is the better player. There's nothing wrong with Mercilus at all. He'd be a fine pick up for the Titans, but Poe may be one of those inside freaks that could give the Titans the push they've been looking for since Albert Haynesworth left.


Round 2

Matt's Pick: Mohamed Sanu WR, Rutgers

Nate's Vote: BUY

Sanu is an excellent value here and fits with the Titans' love for skill players.


Round 3

Matt's Pick: James Brown OG, Troy

Nate's Vote: BUY

The Titans' line needs an upgrade, and Brown will help provide room for Chris Johnson to go boom more often than bust.


Round 4

Matt's Pick: Keenan Robinson OLB, Texas

Nate's Vote: BUY

This is a true "on the nose" pick. Robinson's value is right in the early middle of the fourth round, and he could become a prototypical 4-3 linebacker. He should be able to step in immediately with solid special teams play until he develops.


Round 5

Matt's Pick: Coryell Judie CB, Texas A&M

Nate's Vote: BUY

This could be a sneaky-good late-round pickup. Judie missed time with injury and the Titans would do well to land him late.


Round 6

Matt's Pick: DaJohn Harris DT, USC

Nate's Vote: SELL

Nate's Pick: Rishaw Johnson OG, California (PA)

I think Harris is overvalued and Johnson is undervalued. Johnson is where he is because of character issues, but late in the sixth round, who cares? The Titans could bring him in and make a project out of him.


Round 7

Matt's Pick: Tysyn Hartman FS, Kansas State

Nate's Vote: SELL

Nate's Vote: Tim Benford WR, Tennessee Tech

Benford is the better pick. He's local, which means little but makes for a nice story. Beyond that, he has the ability to spark an otherwise moribund return game.


BUY or SELL Miller's draft

I sold a couple of late-round picks, but even in the first round, it's hard to argue too much with Miller's reasoning. This would be a solid by-the-numbers draft for the Titans. There's not a lot here to jump up and down about, but I suspect the Titans would be better after it than they are now and that is the goal of the draft.