WWE Raw Results: CM Punk Deserves an Oscar for His Incredible Mind Game

Sammy SucuSenior Analyst IApril 23, 2012

Photo by WWE.com
Photo by WWE.com

The WWE has never seen such quality acting in the ring like the way CM Punk just did. This was truly one of the best Monday Night Raw segments in a long time.

Earlier in the night, Chris Jericho went to Punk's room to deliver him a liquor basket that had a couple of bottles of alcohol. Punk laughed about it and gave Y2J a sarcastic thank you. About a half an hour later, Alex Riley told Jericho that Punk had been drinking in his locker room and that he had to see it for his own eyes.

Jericho, and the rest of the world, watched as Punk drank from a red cup that was placed next to a bottle of whiskey. This moment had plenty of shock value. 

Y2J then stormed into John Laurinaitis' room and told him about the incident. Johnny Ace said that he needed proof in order to do something. Y2J suggested that he take the belt off of Punk's hands for being so irresponsible.

Eve Torres, the new "executive assistant," said that this was against WWE policy because a superstar is not supposed to consume alcohol 12 hours prior or during a WWE event (you wonder how Stone Cold Steve Austin had a career in the WWE sometimes). 

Johnny Ace continued to say that there needs to be some sort of proof, so Jericho suggested a sobriety test. Teddy Long was told to come out and strip the title from Punk if he were to be drunk. Long stood in the ring with Jericho and two police officers whom were going to administer the sobriety test to Punk. 

Punk was ordered to come out by Long. Punk's music hit and he started to walk into the ring very slowly. Punk looked like he was actually drunk by the way he walked and how he got on top of the top rope. It was a very shocking sight to see considering Punk is the "straight-edge" champion. 

The officers told Punk to announce the alphabet backwards. Punk said, "It's impossible to even do this sober or drunk, this is stupid." Punk was then asked to walk a straight line and he kept stumbling and fumbling on every attempt. Punk actually looked like a degenerate alcoholic in the ring for the first time in his career. 

The police officers said that Punk was drunk and Long went ahead and asked Punk to hand over the belt. As soon as Punk did he asked if he could have one more attempt. He went ahead and said the alphabet backwards while walking the straight line.

It was all a ruse. 

Punk played a better mind game on Jericho than Jericho has done throughout this feud. Punk planned the whole thing perfectly as soon as Jericho brought the alcohol basket to him. The way he walked into the ring and the way he acted in the locker room when Long told him he had to take the sobriety test was pure genius. 

Jericho must now wonder what else he needs to do in order to make CM Punk become CM Drunk. It seems like nothing will ever change Punk and that he will always stay straight-edge. The only way Jericho can strip the title away from Punk is by defeating him in the Chicago Street Fight at Extreme Rules. 

Just when you thought Jericho was in Punk's head, the world was put on notice with Punk's mind games. Not only did he fool Jericho, but he fooled the WWE Universe. Punk is unstoppable, and no matter how many times Jericho invokes Punk's family and plays mind games, Punk will always have the last word. 


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