San Francisco 49ers: Why Brandon Jacobs' New Jersey Joy Ride Is a Good Sign

Paul PadillaContributor IIIApril 24, 2012

Brandon Jacobs with founding member of Drive Force Michael Breen
Brandon Jacobs with founding member of Drive Force Michael Breen

According to multiple sources, including Christopher Baxter from, RB Brandon Jacobs decided to join a 100 mph high-speed entourage of luxury sports cars (cinematically dubbed Death Race 2012) in Atlantic City—a Fast and Furious-like caravan that was escorted by New Jersey State Police troopers on March 30—just two days after he signed a contract with the San Francisco 49ers

While it's no secret that Jacobs has that panache of toeing that fine line between recklessness and skewered courage, such as dissing Tom Brady's supermodel wife or tossing his helmet into the stands in an enraged fit, I think Jacobs' high-speed act is a huge benefit for the 49ers brass and fans. 

Why? It definitively highlights exactly what the San Francisco 49ers are getting. No shenanigans. No fronts. This is what the 49ers signed up for. So they better be prepared. 

When I first heard of the signing, I scratched my head. The 49ers have built a team in one year based on team chemistry and team dignity: the team, the team, the team.

The new acquisitions flip the whole "character" thing on its head. 

Randy Moss I get. The 49ers needed WR help in the worst way. Plus, his insane talent speaks for itself.

I was hesitant on Perrish Cox, who was acquitted of rape charges. Anyone not involved in the entangled matter can truly only speculate. Head coach Jim Harbaugh and GM Trent Baalke believe they can change the young man around and turn the page on a nasty dilemma. His upside is huge they claim. We'll see.     

Jacobs has already talked smack about his old team as a 49er. Does anybody need to be reminded about his verbal spat with Rex Ryan?

Jacobs can be a headcase. Who keeps him in check when he goes off the deep end? I don't doubt that the 49ers could release him for any boneheaded discretion—but would he have poisoned team chemistry by then?

I think the importance of Jacobs' character is as great, if not greater, that his attempt to improve on his 2011 stats, which were statistically down from 2010. The 49ers don't need him to be a Pro Bowler. They just need him to be a positive supplanter to Frank Gore.  

And they need him to showcase good character. Don't take away that charged energy he brings. But a little less raucousness could go a long way into maintaining that strong camaraderie the 49ers should intend to build upon from 2011.  

Driving at lethal levels should not be justified. But it does showcase what kind of player, or person rather, the 49ers are bringing in to the fold.

Hopefully, Jacobs takes that high-octane adrenaline rush back to his playing skills, or all he'll have is his fast car with no NFL team's parking spaces to park it in.