WWE Champion CM Punk Assaults and Punks Chris Jericho, What Will Happen Sunday?

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WWE Champion CM Punk Assaults and Punks Chris Jericho, What Will Happen Sunday?
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After weeks and weeks of verbal abuse from Chris Jericho, CM Punk finally had his chance to prove to everyone that he is indeed straight edge still.

The stipulation was that Punk would retain the title if he passed a sobriety test and he would lose it to Jericho if he failed it.

Punk tried and failed numerous times all while mocking the process. He was eventually declared intoxicated by the Detroit police. It was all a part of Punk's plan, however.

As Teddy Long was about to hand Jericho the title, Punk asked for one more chance.

He not only recited the alphabet backwards, but walked a straight line and even pulled off a Ric Flair strut in the process.

Jericho got Punk'd.

Punk set up Jericho just to get a chance to take a few jabs at him before Sunday night. Not only did he successfully get Jericho to believe him, he also sent him scurrying away from the arena.

What will happen on Sunday night, however?

Does Jericho have one more title run in him?

He will not be in the WWE much longer, so many believe a win by Jericho will fulfil Jericho's last run at a title and allow Punk to build himself back up after the match.

Punk would then be able to win back the title.

Although many believe that scenario, I feel as though Punk is a safe bet to win at Extreme Rules and retain his WWE title.

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