Breaking Down the Glaring Problems with the WWE Draft Era

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistApril 23, 2012

The WWE Draft era provided a pro wrestling industry devoid of competition with two distinct brands in Raw and SmackDown.

The separate brands would simulate competition for a wrestling company facing sinking ratings with no competition to keep them motivated.

Despite a promising start to the WWE Draft era, WWE's lack of discipline has only diluted championships, pay-per-view buyrates and ratings.

With two world championships, major titles no longer mean as much as they once did. SmackDown has suffered in prestige given the overt imbalance of power between the two brands.

It doesn't hurt that the Raw Supershow era has promoted a migration of talent from brand to brand, further inhibiting the promotion's own branding efforts.

Join Big Nasty on B/R video as he breaks down the glaring problems with the WWE Draft and how they have affected WWE through the years.

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