Are the Huskers in Danger of Losing Taylor Martinez?

Jeff WilliamsAnalyst IJanuary 26, 2009

Husker News and Notes:

From LA Times:

Nebraska Coach Bo Pelini is scheduled to pay a home visit to Corona Centennial quarterback Taylor Martinez this week. Martinez wants to play quarterback for Nebraska, which already has a prized in-coming quarterback recruit in Cody Green of Dayton, Texas.

Green and Martinez reportedly spent a lot of time together during a recent visit to Lincoln. Nebraska has recruited Martinez as an “athlete” but has told the Times’ Glenn Davis Award winner that he would have a chance to compete for the quarterback spot.

Bo Pelini does not fly to California for a Fat Burger and to work on his tan.

If you remember the last time Bo Pelini made a trip like this, he was trying to convince Ndamukong Suh to stay with the Husker program for his senior year.

Flying to California tells me Martinez is in danger of de-committing to the Husker program.

The Nebraska Cornhuskers coaching staff promised Cody Green that he would be the only QB they would recruit in 2009.

As we get closer to Signing Day, Taylor Martinez may be having second thoughts about what position he wants to play in college.