WWE Royal Rumble 2009 Recap

Ali MashrafCorrespondent IApril 10, 2017

At the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, when the annual Royal Rumble pay-per-view started, it was really exciting to watch and see who would walk out with the gold as the new champion and who would be going to Wrestlemania. But now, all the answers are known to us and we recall the event one last time.


ECW Championship: Jack Swagger vs. Matt Hardy

A very exciting match. Matt tried his heart and soul from the beginning but his injured left arm took his fate away. During the end of the match, Swagger countered the side effect of Matt and hurled him to the ring post. Then he gave the gutwrench powerbomb and scored the pinfall for the victory, successfully defending his gold.


WWE Women's Championship: Beth Phoenix vs. Melina

Melina surprised both Beth and her boyfriend, Santino, with her speed, agility and determination to put an end to the five months reign of Beth. And she did it by emerging victorious after being annihilated by Beth and also by her No. 1 crazed fan, Rosa Mendes. It will be exciting to see how long the Latina Bombshell retains her gold.


WWE World Heavyweight Championship: John Cena VS JBL

Going into the Rumble, JBL vowed to end the reign of Cena by emerging victorious. But all his efforts went futile as the champ beat all the odds to retain his title. With his employee Shawn Michaels by his side, JBL felt more confident to pick up a win against Cena. But Cena fought hard from the beginning 'til the end of the match. HBK also tried a lot to help his employer win the match and get a chance at the Royal Rumble match. But even the showstopper wasn't enough to put the champ down as the champ gave the FU to the Longhorn Loudmouth and picked up the victory.


WWE Championship: Jeff Hardy VS Edge

Jeff Hardy's fate went against him again as he faced Edge for his title in a No Disqualification match. Jeff fought off hard against Edge with some assistance from his brother, Matt. But during the end of the match, Matt betrayed his brother Jeff by hitting him with the chair as Edge scored a pinfall to win the title.


30-Man Royal Rumble Match: Winner—Randy Orton

Randy Orton won the 30-man Royal Rumble by eliminating Triple H last. In an unpredictable match, where superstars like Undertaker, CM Punk, Big Show, Kane, a surprise entrant, RVD and others participated, Orton along with his Legacy members  outwitted everybody and Orton became Royal Rumble 2009 winner by eliminating HHH last.

Now, the question is, which world champion will Randy face at Wrestlemania? Or what will wait for him on Monday as he punted Mr. McMahon on the last Monday Night Raw? We shall have to wait a bit for the answers to those questions.