Incredible 80-Year-Old Lew Hollander Continues to Compete at Ironman

Why We WatchOfficial AccountApril 23, 2012

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It is considered among the most difficult physical challenges for the human body. Yet, tens of thousands compete in Ironman competitions all over the world each year.

While most Ironman contests are traditionally very competitive for the best times, these days another number is stealing competition headlines.

Two men are gaining attention, not for their runs or cycling times, but for something else altogether.

Lew Hollander and France Cokan's notoriety surrounds their age.

Both are in their 80s!

Despite their octogenarian status, they regularly compete in these grueling tests and, indeed, finish their races when many a quarter of the age do not.

Ironman experts and younger competitors marvel at their talent, fortitude and heart, as Hollander and Cokan continue to battle each other year-in and year-out.

We tell their incredible story of determination and endurance on the next Why We Watch.