NFL Rumors: Chicago Bears Might Be Preparing to Trade No. 19 Pick

Patrick BouskyCorrespondent IIIApril 23, 2012

As Phil Emery and the Chicago Bears prepare for the draft, it appears that they will be considering every feasible option come Thursday.

The Bears enter the draft with glaring positional needs at the left tackle position, defensive end and defensive tackle.

It's safe to assume that other than possibly adding another offensive lineman, the Bears will look to add young defensive players to an aging roster.

Despite the performance of left tackle J'Marcus Webb, the Bears have stated countless times that they are comfortable and confident with Webb as the starter.

Considering that there only a few glaring needs, would the Bears consider moving up in the draft to grab someone they feel is a sure bet to fill a positional need?

According to Michael C. Wright of ESPN Chicago, Phil Emery has stated that the Bears have been on the phone with multiple teams talking about the possibility of moving up or down in Thursday's draft.

Emery explained that the Bears have been seriously considering seven potential picks that should allow them to draft an instant-impact player in the first round given any scenario, including the Bears trading up or down.

Considering the organization's tone this offseason—they have emphasized their desire to win now—it wouldn't be surprising to see the team trade up or down come Thursday.