Bobby Abreu Still Available: MLB GMs Need to Wake Up and Show Some Love!!

Darren MontgomeryContributor IJanuary 26, 2009

With all the talk this offseason about teams needing help in their outfields, it surprises me that no one has swooped up this future Hall of Famer.  Bobby "Bob" Abreu is a lifetime .300 hitter who has averaged 98 RBI, 22 home runs, 29 STOLEN BASES, and 104 walks throughout his illustrious 13-year career. 

With that all being said, Bob is going to turn 35 this March, and many think he is on the Downside of his career.  I, however, see something a little bit different, as Abreu has done nothing less in the last two years than he has done his entire career, and that's CONSISTENCY. 

Abreu sees more pitches, takes more walks, hits more doubles, and steals more bases then any outfielders the Yankees have on their roster right now. Yet he still gets no respect from the Evil Empire or any other team in the league. 

All I know is that if I were a MLB GM, I would love to have the chance to sign a future Hall of Famer with at least another three good years left in the tank.  With this guy's style of game, he should produce the same consistent numbers for years to come.

So take your chances on the loose cannons available (Milton Bradley, Raul Ibanez, Mark Kotsay) or go with the surefire .300 hitter, pitch-taking machine. 

MLB GMs, it's your call...unless you're hiring, because I am available.