Psych 101

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Psych 101
I am not sure what compelled me to watch this video today. What is it they say about confronting your fears? I am not saying I have an overt fear of the Buckeyes losing but it certainly is not something I look forward to.

I also do not believe in moral victories; a loss is a loss is a loss. But watching this game over again assuages some of my concerns for the 2009 version of the Buckeyes. Namely, Thaddeus Gibson alone makes me believe the phrase defensive line will migrate from the wish list category to the “relative strength” category this fall (assuming Lawrence Wilson returns healthy).

Psychologists use fear confrontation to teach individuals about themselves, increase their self-confidence, and help them better manage life's inevitable uncertainties. Maybe on some small scale watching this game helps me believe that Buckeyes were/are better than I thought and give me more confidence if/when they stumble next year. Watching this game a few more times will not alter my lifetime of viewing, but it may help reduce the number of butterflies in my stomach on September 12.

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