Dallas Cowboys Mock Draft: Breaking Down Matt Miller's Last Mock Draft

Chris WiederContributor IIApril 23, 2012

Mark Barron
Mark BarronMike Zarrilli/Getty Images

Matt Miller published his last full seven-round mock draft this morning.  While I don't believe I know enough to critically analyze what he has projected for all thirty-two teams, I know I care enough about my team to want them to improve as much as possible.  How would Miller's projections help the Dallas Cowboys?


Round 1, Pick 14: Mark Barron, Alabama, SS

I'll admit, I have been swimming against the grain on this one, but mostly because I want the Cowboys to trade down, as I suggested in my last article.  That said, Matt certainly didn't have the time to explore mock-draft trading scenarios for all NFL teams through all rounds of this draft. 

If Dallas stays at this spot, I think Barron is a fine addition to a secondary that needs help.


Round 2, Pick 45: Jared Crick, Nebraska, DE

Defensive line is a key need for Dallas, and I would be suspicious of a mock draft that went too far with looking at this position.  Starting defense-defense is a very realistic possibility, and with the possible exception of Jerel Worthy, I don't like anyone better on Matt's board.  I might consider C Ben Jones from Georgia if he were here, also.


Round 3, Pick 81: Jarius Wright, Arkansas, WR

I'll admit, I hope Matt is wrong here.  Not because I don't think that WR is a position they will target, and not because I have anything against Wright (although I wonder what the Razorbacks' spread offense did to possibly inflate the value of Wright and Joe Adams, another mock-draft selection for Dallas in multiple places). 

However, I would rather Dallas address offensive line sooner than later.  Anyone who watched snaps sail over Tony Romo's head would agree.


Round 4, Pick 113: Michael Brewster, Ohio State, C

If Matt is right, and the third or fourth-rated center is still there at this pick, then waiting until the fourth round is sound strategy, having passed on the Peter Konz/Ben Jones level at the position.   If it hasn't been done by now, Dallas must take the best offensive lineman on the board.


Round 4, Pick 135: Micah Pellerin, Hampton, CB

This is an intriguing pick with Dallas' compensatory selection.  Pellerin has good size but is not quick and has not been tested as consistently as a bigger-program player. 

I don't disagree with the position, but if the real draft proceeds as this mock draft has, I prefer Coryell Judie from Texas A&M or Chase Minnifield from Virginia.


Round 5, Pick 152: Chris Rainey, Florida, RB

I believe Matt Miller hit a home run here, and I hope Dallas does on draft day.  Bringing in another back to contest for playing is a great idea that lends urgency to a young crew at the position.


Round 6, Pick 185: Travis Lewis, Oklahoma, OLB

Bringing in a little insurance in case Anthony Spencer's franchise tag designation does not lead to a new contract is sound strategy at this point, and I am thrilled that Matt has Vontaze Burfict safely off the board when this pick is made.


Round 7, Pick 222: Cory Harkey, UCLA, TE

After losing Martellus Bennett in free agency, the No. 3 TE spot behind Jason Witten and John Phillips is open.  As a deep-round hunting strategy, the position is as good as any other.



When all is said and done, with the exception of perhaps waiting to long to address the offensive line (and fans can take solace that it was a position pursued aggressively in free agency), I believe that Dallas Cowboys supporters would take a draft that turned out as Matt Miller has projected in this mock.