UFC 145 Results: Why Jon Jones Will Break Tito Ortiz'S Record

Jordy McElroy@https://twitter.com/JordyMcElroyCorrespondent IApril 23, 2012

Jon Jones - Esther Lin/MMAFighting
Jon Jones - Esther Lin/MMAFighting

After every successful Jon Jones title defense, Tito Ortiz watches helplessly from the sidelines as his UFC record for most successful defenses gravitates towards another.

Formerly known as "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy," Ortiz paraded around as the light heavyweight division's "big bad wolf" well over a decade ago.

As UFC champion, he managed to successfully defend his title five consecutive times before being ousted by Randy Couture in September 2003.

It was an impressive run that should guarantee Ortiz a spot in the UFC Hall of Fame, but as the sporting world knows, records are meant to be broken.

Now, the UFC light heavyweight division's "big bad wolf" is 24-year-old Jonny "Bones" Jones. On Saturday night, Jones was successful in his third consecutive UFC title defense against nemesis Rashad Evans.

It was a bout that continued to support the notion that Jones may be the greatest talent MMA has ever seen.

While Ortiz dominated guys like Vladimir Matyushenko, Ken Shamrock and Elvis Sinosic, fans watch in awe as Jones dismantles former world champions in Evans, Quinton Jackson and Lyoto Machida.

Of course, Ortiz couldn't help who he faced. He fought and defeated whoever the UFC put in front of him. His record still stands regardless of opposition.

As for Jones, he needs three more title defenses to surpass Ortiz.

The most intriguing thing about Jones isn't his level of opposition. It has to be his age. At such a young age, Jones is still growing as a fighter, and he has yet to reach his full potential.

He has already cleaned out most of the contenders at 205 pounds. Fans surely look forward to potential rematches against Machida and Evans, but outside of those two, the only fresh contenders are Dan Henderson, Phil Davis, Alexander Gustafsson and Ryan Bader.

The future looks bright for Jones as UFC light heavyweight champion. If he chooses to remain at 205-pounds, he could probably even chase Anderson Silva's massive record for most successful title defenses in UFC history.

Ortiz will always be considered an all-time great, but it would take a mountain to derail Jones at this point.