WWE Raw Preview: Is There Any Chance of a Violence-Free Contract Signing?

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistApril 23, 2012

Photo: David Lupberger
Photo: David Lupberger

Tonight's special three-hour edition of Monday Night Raw is set to feature a contract signing between Brock Lesnar and John Cena for their Extreme Rules match this Sunday in Chicago.

Contract signings are by far WWE's overused segment. They always happen randomly and for almost no reason other than WWE needs another excuse for a brawl before the real match takes place.

CM Punk went into great detail last year during one of these segments about how contract signings are pointless because they always end up in a fight, which of course is how Punk's ended that night as well.

If I was a betting man and someone would actually accept this bet, I would put it all on this contract signing breaking out into another fight between Lesnar and Cena.

The whole point of a contract signing is to make the match seem like a big deal and to also appear more realistic since contract signings between boxers have been featured over the years.

WWE uses these situations as a way for two wrestlers to address each other face to face and duke it out before the PPV. Only a few times can I remember a contract signing not breaking out into a fight, but they are few and far between.

This does not necessarily mean the segment will be bad. Everyone who is looking forward to this match probably wants to see them keep fighting.

Lesnar is a huge attention magnet right now, partly because he came in right after The Rock had shocked the world by beating John Cena, the golden-boy of the WWE.

Now Lesnar has his sights set on Cena and it has created almost as much buzz as The Rock returning to face Cena at WrestleMania 28, except the difference is we know Lesnar will be around for a while after the match is over.

His deal with WWE will probably see him involved in most of the PPVs over the next year and this is just the first one since his return.

Frankly, I am very curious to see what WWE has planned for Lesnar over the next year because if he has made it clear that he won't stick around after the deal is done, then WWE is sure to be planning some great stuff for his run.

Just filming a video interview last week and not even showing up for Raw did not stop Lesnar from being the most talked about wrestling story last week.

Even though tonight's contract signing is simply an excuse for the two to exchange words followed by fists, I am still looking forward to it as well as the match this Sunday in Chicago.

If you were to place a bet, would you bet on tonight's contract signing ending in a fight?