Reggie Evans Video: Watch LA Clippers Star's Epic Flop Fail vs. Hornets

Adam WellsFeatured ColumnistApril 23, 2012

It wasn't exactly Metta World Peace elbowing James Harden in the side of the head, but Reggie Evans of the Los Angeles Clippers had an embarrassing moment in the team's 107-98 victory over New Orleans on Sunday night. 

Hornets guard Greivis Vasquez backed up into Evans, who was trying to set a pick. Vasquez turned around and threw a short forearm to his chest. It was a stupid play on Vasquez's part, but it did not look nearly as bad as Evans tried to make the officials believe. 

As soon as the forearm hit him in the chest, Evans went like he just got shot. I mean, it was hilarious how bad this flop was. What made it even funnier is that the officials actually bought this charade and gave Vasquez a Flagrant-2.

To their credit, the officials did go back and look at the replay to see that Evans was doing his best to win an Oscar instead of an NBA game. They reversed the call to a personal foul against Vasquez.

As hilarious as flopping has become in the NBA, there really should be something done to deter players from doing it. It's so hard to do because everything in the game moves so fast and officials have to react at the drop of a hat. 

When plays like this have become so ingrained in the fabric of the game, you know that there is a problem. Even if there is nothing officials can do on the play to prevent flopping, the NBA should go back and retroactively fine players to keep them from doing this. 

There would have to be a standard set—like if you are intentionally taking a big dive even though you just got poked with a finger—so that everyone would know where the line is. Deception is always going to be part of the game, but there has to be a limit. 

If you don't believe me, just watch the video of Evans dropping down to the floor like he is having a heart attack.