WWE: 10 Reasons Kane's Character Has Lost His Edge

John Nizinski@@jniz73Analyst IIIApril 23, 2012

WWE: 10 Reasons Kane's Character Has Lost His Edge

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    Kane has been one of the most consistent and underrated superstars in WWE history. He has been loyal to the company and has had a long and successful career.

    Kane made his debut as a monster and struck fear in WWE fans. Throughout the years he has gone away from the monster he once was and lost his edge.

    Kane recently returned with the mask on. He has tried to get back to the monster he used to be, but there is something missing.

    Here are 10 reasons why Kane's character has lost his edge.

He Talks

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    Kane has gone from someone who didn't speak to someone who needs a device to speak and now to someone with a strong vocabulary. While his voice is a little creepy, it has taken away from the allure that Kane was a monster.

    Glen Jacobs is actually an intelligent guy. He earned a degree in English Literature from Truman State University and was a third grade teacher

    Instead of just dominating his opponents physically, Kane has used his words to play mind games. He does a good job creating an eerie persona, but his silence used to speak louder than his words.

Not Enough Physical Dominance

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    Kane used to make his presence felt by physically dominating his opponents. If you look at his performances in the Royal Rumble or in the late '90s, he was a serious force. 

    Lately, Kane hasn't been that same dominant force. He has focused his attention on one superstar, but would be more dominant if he made every superstar on the roster feel as if they could be attacked at any time.

Has Already Been Unmasked

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    When Kane first made his debut, everyone wanted to know what he really looked like. His character was supposed to be covered in scars and be a hideous monster. That mystery of what he could look like gave Kane an edge.

    He unmasked in 2003 and stayed without his mask until 2011. We know what Kane looks like under the mask. There is no mystery, and if he took his mask off it wouldn't be a big deal like it was in 2003.

Easy to Hurt

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    It used to take a lot to even knock Kane to the ground, let alone beat him in a match.

    Recently, one move has been able to put Kane to the ground. While it makes more sense for Kane to be able to be taken down, the difference in how hard it used to be to now takes some edge away from him.

Victim of "Super Cena"

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    John Cena has been criticized for being "Super Cena." He always finds a way to beat the odds and come from behind to win. 

    This has caused Cena to lose fan support, and WWE fans now want him to turn heel. 

    Kane came back with the mask and immediately turned his attention to Cena. His goal was to make him "embrace the hate." 

    In the end, Kane became another victim of Super Cena.

Meaningless Feuds

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    Since he returned with the mask, Kane has yet to make a serious impact. He has been involved in feuds with two of the top superstars in the company. However, they have not led to anything significant.

    The angle of his feud with John Cena was to turn him heel and embrace the hate. That didn't happen, and their feud seemed pointless as a result. 

    Then he turned his attention to Randy Orton. He faced and defeated Orton at WrestleMania 28.

    The win over Orton at WrestleMania 28 could have boosted him right in the World Heavyweight or WWE Championship scene. All it has done is left him in the same feud with Orton.


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    Kane is a very underrated talent. He has been durable and is very athletic for his size.

    Kane is getting older. He is 44 years old. While he still can move well in the ring, Kane has obviously lost a step. While he still can put on quality matches, the fact that Kane is getting older does take a little away from his edge.

PG Era vs. Attitude Era

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    Kane made his debut during the Attitude Era, which was probably the best time for professional wrestling. He built his character and gimmick during that time.

    Now Kane is stuck in the PG Era and is restricted. There is no blood and the violence is limited. He has been forced to lose some of his edge because of the Era he is wrestling in.

No Undertaker

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    Kane and Undertaker have a long history. They are supposed to be brothers and have been both opponents and partners.

    The absence of Undertaker does have an impact on Kane. If Undertaker ever returns, another feud with Kane could be interesting, now that he has the mask back on.

Not a Monster Anymore

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    Kane was originally an unstoppable force. He was a monster that terrorized and dominated his opponents. Kane was not often referred to as a person, but as a monster.

    Now Kane is seen as a person. He is a wrestler who is just mentally unstable. After being unmasked, Kane lost some momentum and turned mortal. He is no longer a monster, just a sick person.