The Miz, Dolph Ziggler and 5 Reasons You Should Care about Tomorrow's WWE Draft

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistApril 22, 2012

The Miz, Dolph Ziggler and 5 Reasons You Should Care about Tomorrow's WWE Draft

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    I had to think really long and hard to piece this one together, and I have finally done so because I'm always up for a challenge. 

    Since the once-groundbreaking idea of a brand extension in 2002 to stimulate competition within the unipolar WWE, the WWE draft has mattered less with each passing year. 

    Now that the WWE has officially laughed in the face of a brand extension with the onset of the RAW SuperShow era, no draft in history will be less significant than tomorrow's under-hyped, three-hour spectacular. 

    But every draft cloud has a silver lining of potential.  To the WWE's credit, the draft special has at least been entertaining more times than not, and the WWE draft always finds a way to at least deliver momentarily shocking switcheroos. 

    So here's to you, WWE draft.  Your irrelevance is only surpassed by your persistence, and for that we salute you. 

1. It's the 10-Year Anniversary of the WWE Draft

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    Like any respectable company, the WWE has a soft spot for its own history, so anniversaries are usually something they are sure to hammer home whenever they can. 

    However, the WWE has made little to no mention of the special occasion that Monday will mark the 10th anniversary of the WWE draft.

    It was in 2002 that the WWE first announced a new concept of a brand extension where WWE superstars and divas would appear exclusively on either RAW or SmackDown. 

    The tradition lives on and while the brand extension appears to be inching closer and closer to brand extension extinction, the WWE draft has officially become an institution in and of itself. 

2. The WWE Draft Doubles as the Go-Home Show for Extreme Rules

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    Some of the best RAW's are the go-home shows, as the WWE makes sure to deliver its last sales pitch to get fans to buy the pay-per-view. 

    Many storylines will become escalated in order to make them as interesting as possible headed into Extreme Rules, and this will be to the benefit of the consumer, who should see improved storylines and less filler if the WWE wants improved box office numbers.   

3. The WWE Draft Means More Wrestling

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    In recent years, the WWE draft formula has been for WWE superstars to compete in wrestling matches and earn draft picks for their respective brands. 

    This formula has necessitated more in-ring action than usual, which means less silly backstage fodder and more of the wrestling that fans pay to see. 

    The final battle royal is always fun, and it should provide for a nice twist in the RAW-SmackDown roster balance. 

4. The WWE Draft Presents New Feuds

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    The stench of WrestleMania always seems to linger long after what is supposed to be a conclusive pay-per-view. 

    The WWE draft tends to break up feuds, as superstars must be paired with different opponents in accordance with being shipped from brand to brand.

5. The WWE Draft Provides Second, and Maybe Third, Chances

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    One problem that the WWE needs to address is the handful of young, talented, established stars who are currently lost in the shuffle amidst the influx of old and new stars. 

    One way they can handle this is by firing said talent, but for those who don't get released, the WWE will have to strategically place them on a brand that could give them an opportunity to get back on track. 

    Once-promising superstars like the Miz, Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger could all use a new setting, and if the WWE still has faith in them, they will help them out via the draft. 


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