Dwayne Allen: 5 Biggest Strengths and Weaknesses of 2012 NFL Draft Prospect

Vincent Frank@VincentFrankNFLCorrespondent IApril 23, 2012

Dwayne Allen: 5 Biggest Strengths and Weaknesses of 2012 NFL Draft Prospect

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    Dwayne Allen is clearly entrenched in as my No. 2 tight end in the 2012 NFL draft behind Coby Fleener. Of course the issues in regards to Orson Charles helped the Clemson product out a great deal, but he does possess the talent to be a really good player at the next level.

    This is a relatively weak draft class as it relates to the tight end position and is extremely top heavy. You are probably looking at a total of just four players here that have the capability of starting in the National Football League.

    Dwayne Allen is one of them.

    This article is going to focus on five strengths and weaknesses as they relate to Dwayne Allen and his possible success in the NFL.

Strength: Possesses Extremely Good Hands

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    Dwayne Allen might possess the best set of hands of any tight end in the 2012 NFL draft. He catches the ball away from his body, which leads to much more clean catches as compared to other prospects.

    This enables the quarterback to rely on Allen a great deal in the passing game because he is comfortable with the tight end coming down with the ball a majority of the time.

    You are not going to see Jermichael Finley "like" drops when it comes to the Clemson product. This is reassuring to whatever team selects the dynamic player.

Weakness: Not Physical at the Point of Contact

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    Dwayne Allen might have an intimidating frame (6'4", 255) but he doesn't fully utilize it at the point of contact. Instead, the talented tight end struggles disengaging at the line against smaller defenders and can be thrown off of his route early.

    Allen will struggle against press coverage early in his career and probably cannot be counted on to line up in the slot as a wide receiver going up against physical corners.

    This limits his upside.

Strength: Raw Athleticism

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    Dwayne Allen has a great set of skills as they relate to athleticism. He can get off the ground with extraordinary leaping ability. This makes Allen an immediate threat in the red zone on fades. Couple that with his 6'4" frame and you are talking about someone that should consistently record double digit touchdowns on a yearly basis.

    While his 4.89 40-yard dash wasn't too great, Allen plays much faster on the football field. He possesses the skill set of a wide receiver, which is a continuing theme for tight end prospects in this draft.

Weakness: Not a Fluid Route Runner

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    This is also a continuing theme as it relates to tight ends and route running. Dwayne Allen still doesn't have the capability to run the range of routes that is going to be asked of him in the NFL.

    He is going to struggle in regard to playing on complex systems early in his career, which means you might be able to cross teams that run the west coast offense off as potential suitors.

    Allen needs to tighten up and hone the routes that he does run or he is going to have consistent struggles early if these are not fixed.

Strength: All-Around Threat

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    Dwayne Allen might be the best blocking tight end in the entire 2012 NFL draft. This is not where he is going to earn his keep, meaning that Allen isn't going to be a block first type of tight end.

    Instead, it is an added benefit of his game. Allen doesn't allow defenders to disengage from his blocks too often and uses solid pad level at the point of contact.

    Mix this what I have written about in regard to his receiving ability and you have the best duel-threat tight end in the draft.

    This is saying something considering that the consensus No. 1 tight end, Coby Fleener, possesses similar strengths.