Raw Expectations: Brock Lesnar Needs to Practice What He Has Preached

Cardiff WandererCorrespondent IIApril 22, 2012

From WWE.com
From WWE.com

Two devastating F5s, a bloody mouth and a slightly overlong promo to hide his absence in England is the net result of Brock Lesnar's contributions since his return to the WWE.

Going into the last Raw before the Extreme Rules pay-per-view, it is essential that the WWE universe sees the "War Machine" actually going to war.

There is no doubt that Lesnar has talked a big game. His promo was full of legitimising the WWE and showing that he, Brock Lesnar, was always the chosen one. Lesnar must go to Raw and show that he can do everything he promised.

One interesting, if admittedly unique, idea is to make the main event Brock Lesnar vs Lord Tensai. The rationale behind this move is that Tensai defeated Cena last week. Lesnar conquering the man who defeated Cena would showcase Lesnar as the more dominant wrestler.

A more likely scenario if they choose to have Lesnar fight is another high-profile squash match. Alex Riley, R-Truth or Kofi Kingston are the obvious choices for the role. There will be plenty of time to build up Brock Lesnar's first return to the WWE ring since 2004 as this is a three-hour show.

One thing that can be guaranteed is Lesnar will be there live.

A heavily promoted contract signing between Lesnar and Cena is being advertised. Punk dismissed contract signings as an excuse for a brawl, so expect that to happen here. 

One other Brock Lesnar-related item we may see on Raw is a debut of a new submission finisher. Throughout the promo video we saw last week was the kimura armbar. Such prominence could suggest that this move will be part of his arsenal.


The WWE title situation between Jericho and Punk will continue to simmer. Another vignette focusing on Punk's supposed drinking should be expected, although a response video of what actually happened and some sort of role reversal should not be unexpected either.

A tag team match involving Punk and Big Show against Jericho and Mark Henry could be a nice appetiser for the title match at Extreme Rules.  

Elsewhere, Dolph Ziggler needs to make an impression against the monstrous Brodus Clay. The last two weeks have seen Ziggler thrown around like a rag doll, which has emphasised the physical  dominance of the big man. Now the "Show Off" needs to show the brains to eliminate the size advantage.

With Extreme Rules just around the corner, this could be the perfect time to see Ziggler introduce a signature weapon. A move like this would benefit Ziggler in the long run as it did for Triple H when he introduced the sledgehammer.

The more likely scenario will see the WWE declare a handicap match between Brodus Clay against Dolph Ziggler and teammate Jack Swagger. Last week, Brodus managed to overpower both men and get to manager Vickie Guerrero. If this is the case, then a joint assault must find a way to stop the big man so the fans wonder how Clay can win at Extreme Rules.  

Surefire things to expect on Raw include another Santino Marella vs David Otunga match. Otunga will win it to set up a United States Championship match at Extreme Rules. Daniel Bryan to put on another match of the night performance—especially if Bryan continues his mini-rivalry with Kofi Kingston.

Finally, an appearance from John Laurinaitis promoting another young talent. Which talent is pure guesswork, but it should not be surprising if that talent is young Ricky Steamboat Junior. A young man with an incredibly bright future in the WWE.