WWE Extreme Rules 2012: 10 Most Shocking Matches in Extreme Rules History

Luis Campos@luchalibrelife Analyst IApril 24, 2012

WWE Extreme Rules 2012: 10 Most Shocking Matches in Extreme Rules History

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    Beginning in 2009, the Extreme Rules pay-per-view has provided WWE fans with truly shocking moments. Some of these have been the result of great matches, while others have left fans questioning the sanity of the WWE creative team. 

    What follows are the 10 most (for better or worse) shocking matches in Extreme Rules' three-year history...

10. Jack Swagger Defeats Randy Orton (2010)

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    It is hard to believe that only two years ago, Jack Swagger and Randy Orton were competing for the World Heavyweight Championship. 

    Even harder to believe is that this Extreme Rules match was decent AND that Jack Swagger defeated Randy Orton.

    Shocking how the mighty have fallen. 

9. Tommy Dreamer Extends His Stay (2009)

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    As the "Heart and Soul" of the ECW, Tommy Dreamer, always knew how to put on great Extreme Rules matches and this 2009 Triple Threat match against Jack Swagger and Christian was no exception. 

    Per match stipulations if Dreamer lost he would have to leave the WWE. Fortunately for the "Innovator of Violence," Dreamer's victory against Swagger and Christian allowed him both to extend his time in the WWE and become the only man to ever win both the WWE's version and the original ECW World Heavyweight Championship. 

8. Christian Becomes a Grand Slam Champion (2011)

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    After Edge's sudden retirement in 2011 the World Heavyweight Championship was left without a holder, a matter which was to be resolved in a ladder match between Alberto Del Rio and Christian. 

    The match would turn out to be one of the most nail-biting events of the night with twist and turns all throughout the bout. 

    In the end after a distraction from his best friend, Edge, Christian would go on to win the World Heavyweight Championship and become the 11th Grand Slam Champion in WWE history. 

7. Samoan Strap Match (2009)

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    Rarely do the words "Samoan strap" bring to mind the image of a great wrestling match, this however was the case at the 2009 edition of Extreme Rules in which CM Punk and Umaga recreated one of the oldest gimmick matches in pro-wrestling history. 

    Jim Ross' calling of the match only elevated the tensions of this match style in which all four turnbuckles must be consecutively touched in order to defeat one's opponent—a feat completed by the match's underdog, CM Punk.

6. Unexpected Tables Match of the United States Championship (2011)

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    Like the Spanish Inquisition, no one saw this 2011 Extreme Rules Table match coming. 

    The match, previously left off the card, was announced by then general manager of SmackDown! Theodore Long, who in a backstage segment informed Sheamus that he would be defending his United States Championship against Kofi Kingston.

    In an interesting turn of events, the match combined Sheamus brawling style with Kingston's high flying maneuvers resulting in several jaw-dropping spots. Ultimately, Kofi Kingston would win the title after putting the Great White through a table with a Boom Drop off the top rope. 

5. Punk's Mysterious Savior (2010)

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    In this variation on the classic lucha de apuesta match, CM Punk wagered his flowing locks in the event of a loss against Rey Mysterio. 

    The two men had been feuding for several months after Punk, the leader of the cult-like stable The Straight Edge Society, insisted that Mysterio joined his side. 

    Punk's loss would be narrowly avoided after a mysterious masked man strung from under the ring and attacked Rey Mysterio.

    The hooded man would later be revealed to be John Morrison's  former tag-team partner, Joey Mercury. 

4. Country Whipping Match (2011)

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    Zero—the number of reasons why this match needed to happen. 

    The most shocking moment of this Country Whipping match between Michael Cole (with Jack Swagger) and Jim Ross (with Jerry Lawler)—the fact that it happened in the first place. 

    Under no reasons should Michael Cole ever have a reason to wear that orange singlet to the ring (and if possible please start treating JR with the respect he deserves). Is that too much to ask? 

3. CM Punk Cashes in His Money in the Bank Briefcase (2009)

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    The main event of the first incarnation of Extreme Rules, was without a doubt, extreme. 

    After Edge and Jeff Hardy fought in a heated ladder match few expected, the Money in the Bank victor, CM Punk, to attack Hardy during his celebration and cash in his brief case. 

    Following an execution of Punk's finishing maneuver, the GTS, Hardy lost his recently acquired title, leading to Punk's second acquisition of the title and the beginning of a great feud between both men. 

2. Handicap Hog Pen Match (2009)

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    Squealing pigs, check. 

    Mud-filled pen, check.

    Man dressed as a woman, check.

    These may sound like elements present in a Looney Tunes cartoon, but unfortunately for fans of the WWE, this was the scenario created during the "Handicap Hog Pen match" of the 2009 edition of Extreme Rules. 

    As if the level of ridiculousness was not high enough this match between Santina Marella (in reality a cross-dressing Santino Marella) and Vickie Guerrero (accompanied by her nephew Chavo Guerrero) was for the title of Miss WrestleMania—a title won by Marella after defeating the women on the roster in a Battle Royal match. 

    The Hog Pen match featured: Chavo Guerrero beating up a "woman," buckets of slob, and a pen full of scared pigs (wonder what PETA had to say about this match).   

1. Extreme Makeover Match (2010)

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    In the past the WWE has been accused of being an organization ran by "male chauvinist pigs" and while it is true that women in the WWE may not always receive the respect they deserve, the Extreme Makeover Match in 2010 was responsible for the most shocking moment in Extreme Rules history. 

    Like all Extreme Rules matches this WWE Women's Championship match between Beth Phoenix and Michelle McCool had a gimmick stipulation, unlike other Extreme Rules matches however, the stipulations for this match were ridiculous. 

    Around the ring were several items which included: makeup, cans of hairspray, mops, and ironing boards—because apparently these are "women's things" (missing were boxes of pads and a sandwich making station, which one can assume were also in a list of things to be displayed).  

    Seriously WWE? Not only was this match filled with bad puns, but the items present were rarely used. Did this really have to be called a "makeover match?" Plus what was so "extreme" about it?

    In the end "the Glamamazon," Beth Phoenix won the title, unfortunately this match was a loss for women everywhere. 


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