Craig's Arizona Cardinals Super Bowl Preview

ctsports picksAnalyst IJanuary 25, 2009

Before the season, you would have been hard pressed to find anyone who would have picked Arizona even to make it to the Super Bowl. But the Cardinals love being the underdog and are 3-0 as underdogs this postseason against the spread and Money Line. This past week, we looked at the Pittsburgh-Steelers-Super-Bowl-Breakdown.cfm" target="_blank" title="Craig's super bowl steelers breakdown">Pittsburgh Steelers and broke down both there offense and defense! Today, we will do the same for the Arizona Cardinals and see what it will take for them to come out with another upset winner.

Kurt Warner and his high-powered offense will try and keep up the momentum of the first three games of the playoffs. Since the postseason started, nobody has consistently been able to stop this offense or put pressure on Warner. This season, if you look back at the games the Cardinals struggled in, all those games have one thing in common: turnovers by Arizona and a bunch of sacks on Warner.

Super Bowl Sunday must see the offensive line of the Cardinals hold up against the complex blitzes of the Steelers' great defense. The running game will completely shut down by the no. 1 rushing defense in the league and will force Warner and company to win it on their own.

Defensively, this team has turned it on during there historic Super Bowl run. During the season, the Cardinals have given up huge yards on the ground, but in the playoffs, they have stopped two very good running teams in Atlanta and Carolina. Last game against Philadelphia, they stopped the run but were very poor against the pass.

With a week to game plan for this game, Arizona must fix the defense lapses. Any chance for them to win this game on defense will depend on there front seven stopping Willie Parker running the ball. This game will be a much lower scoring game than any game they played all year, so this defense must have the mind set that they must hold the Steelers to less than 21 points. A big task for a defense that gave up over 21 in the second half to the Eagles.

Craig has also broke down the Super Bowl trends for the last five Super Bowls. These betting trends say that for the Cardinals to challenge the Steelers, they must turn this one into a high-scoring game and win it late. Not sure there defense can hold up and continually stop the Steelers, but in a shootout, they might be able to wear out this Pittsburgh defense and pull off a big upset, just as the Giants did last year!! Right now the spread is -7 in favor of the Steelers, and most experts think this will go up so if you like Arizona wait until late and place your wager! Enjoy the Super Bowl match up, should be interesting game!

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