NFL Draft Order 2012: Complete List with Latest Trades

Vincent Frank@VincentFrankNFLCorrespondent IApril 23, 2012

Courtes of Seattle Sports Central
Courtes of Seattle Sports Central

First Round

1. Indianapolis Colts

2. Washington Redskins (from the St. Louis Rams) 

3. Minnesota Vikings

4. Cleveland Browns

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

6. St. Louis Rams (from the Washington Redskins)

7. Jacksonville Jaguars

8. Miami Dolphins

9. Carolina Panthers

10. Buffalo Bills

11. Kansas City Chiefs

12. Seattle Seahawks

13. Arizona Cardinals

14. Dallas Cowboys

15. Philadelphia Eagles

16. New York Jets

17. Cincinnati Bengals (from the Oakland Raiders)

18. San Diego Chargers

19. Chicago Bears

20. Tennessee Titans

21. Cincinnati Bengals

22. Cleveland Browns (from the Atlanta Falcons)

23. Detroit Lions

24. Pittsburgh Steelers

25. Denver Broncos

26. Houston Texans

27. New England Patriots (from the New Orleans Saints)

28. Green Bay Packers

29. Baltimore Ravens

30. San Francisco 49ers

31. New England Patriots

32. New York Giants

The Julio Jones (pictured) trades continues to land the Browns picks
The Julio Jones (pictured) trades continues to land the Browns picksChris Trotman/Getty Images

First-Round Trades and Notes

Three teams (Cleveland, Cincinnati and New England) have multiple selections in the first round of the 2012 NFL draft. The Browns received Atlanta's first-round pick by virtue of trading down last season.This trade enabled the Falcons to draft Julio Jones, who is an excellent young play maker at this point.

The New Orleans Saints, who are without a pick in the first two rounds, traded their first-round selection to the Patriots in order to draft Mark Ingram last year. The young running back didn't contribute a great deal as a rookie, mostly due to injury issues.

The Bengals received Oakland's first-round selection in the mid-season Carson Palmer trade. They are also going to receive either a first- or second-round pick in the 2013 NFL draft.

It goes without saying that the Washington Redskins traded up to the No. 2 slot in order to select Robert Griffin III. This will become official later this week. What Washington gave to the Rams in terms of value is off the proverbial hook.

They sent three first-round selections as well as a second rounder to St. Louis in the deal. This might be a high price to pay for a quarterback, but Washington desperately needed to find a franchise type of guy there. As it relates to the Rams, they have a ton of holes to fill, so this trade made all the sense in the world for them.

Second Round

33. St. Louis Rams

34. Indianapolis Colts

35. Minnesota Vikings

36. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

37. Cleveland Browns

38. Jacksonville Jaguars

39. St. Louis Rams (from Washington Redskins)

40. Carolina Panthers

41. Buffalo Bills

42. Miami Dolphins

43. Seattle Seahawks

44. Kansas City Chiefs

45. Dallas Cowboys

46. Philadelphia Eagles

47. New York Jets

48. New England Patriots (from Oakland Raiders)

49. San Diego Chargers

50. Chicago Bears

51. Philadelphia Eagles (from the Arizona Cardinals)

52. Tennessee Titans

53. Cincinnati Bengals

54. Detroit Lions

55. Atlanta Falcons

56. Pittsburgh Steelers

57. Denver Broncos

58. Houston Texans

59. Green Bay Packers

60. Baltimore Ravens

61. San Francisco 49ers

62. New England Patriots

63. New York Giants

Note: The New Orleans Saints forfeited their second-round pick due to the BountyGate scandal.

It doesn't look like this second rounder is going to be the only pick New Orleans loses due to "BountyGate"
It doesn't look like this second rounder is going to be the only pick New Orleans loses due to "BountyGate"Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Second-Round Trades and Notes

The fallout from the Washington Redskins and St. Louis Rams trade continues here. The latter acquired the 39th overall selection in that trade and now have three selections in the top 40, while Washington gives up the opportunity to get a really good player in a deep draft in order to acquire RGIII.

New England continues to steal early draft picks, this time from the Raiders once again. Oakland sent their 2012 second-round selection (48th overall) to the Patriots in exchange for last year's third- and fourth-round selections. Oakland ended up selecting Joseph Barksdale and Taiwan Jones with those picks. Not too shabby if you ask me.

In hindsight, as when the trade actually happened, the Philadelphia Eagles literally stole from the Arizona Cardinals in the deal that sent Kevin Kolb out west. In addition to acquiring Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, the Eagles have Arizona's second-round selection (51st overall). I am pretty sure that Arizona would love to have that trade back right about now.

Third Round ( * Denotes Compensatory Selection)

64. Indianapolis Colts

65. St. Louis Rams

66. Minnesota Vikings

67. Cleveland Browns

68. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

69. Washington Redskins

70. Jacksonville Jaguars

71. Buffalo Bills

72. Miami Dolphins

73. Miami Dolphins (from Chicago Bears)

74. Kansas City Chiefs

75. Seattle Seahawks

76. Houston Texans (from Philadelphia Eagles)

77. New York Jets

78. San Diego Chargers

79. Chicago Bears

80. Arizona Cardinals

81. Dallas Cowboys

82. Tennessee Titans

83. Cincinnati Bengals

84. Atlanta Falcons

85. Detroit Lions

86. Pittsburgh Steelers

87. Denver Broncos

88. Philadelphia Eagles (from Houston Texans) 

89. New Orleans Saints

90. Green Bay Packers

91. Baltimore Ravens

92. San Francisco 49ers

93. New England Patriots

94. New York Giants

95. *Oakland Raiders

Third-Round Trades and Notes

Miami sent Brandon Marshall to the Bears earlier this offseason. In that trade they acquire two third-round selections, one in 2012 and the other in 2013.

The Texans and Eagles swapped positions in the third round in the trade that sent Demeco Ryans to the Eagles. Houston also acquired Philadelphia's fourth-round selection.

The Oakland Raiders forfeited their third-round pick in lieu of drafting Terrelle Pryor in the supplemental draft. However, Oakland did pick up another pick in the third round in the form of a compensatory selection.

Fourth Round ( * Denotes Compensatory Selection)

96. St. Louis Rams

97. Indianapolis Colts

98. Minnesota Vikings

99. Houston Texans (from Philadelphia Eagles via Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

100. Cleveland Browns

101. Jacksonville Jaguars

102. Washington Redskins

103. Miami Dolphins

104. Carolina Panthers

105. Buffalo Bills

106. Seattle Seahawks

107. Kansas City Chiefs

108. Denver Broncos (from New York Jets)

109. Washington Redskins (from Oakland Raiders)

110. San Diego Chargers

111. Chicago Bears

112. Arizona Cardinals

113. Dallas Cowboys

114. Philadelphia Eagles

115. Tennessee Titans

116. Cincinnati Bengals

117. Detroit Lions

118. Cleveland (from Atlanta Falcons)

119. Pittsburgh Steelers

120. Denver Broncos

121. Houston Texans

122. New Orleans Saints

123. Green Bay Packers

124. Buffalo Bills (from Baltimore Ravens)

125.San Francisco 49ers

126. New England Patriots

127. New York Giants

128. *Minnesota Vikings

129. *Oakland Raiders

130. *Baltimore Ravens

131. *New York Giants

132. *Green Bay Packers

133. *Green Bay Packers

134. *Minnesota Vikings

135. *Dallas Cowboys

Jason Campbell is now a backup with the Chicago Bears
Jason Campbell is now a backup with the Chicago BearsBob Levey/Getty Images

Fourth-Round Trades and Notes

The Oakland Raiders traded their 2012 fourth-round selection to the Washington Redskins a few years back in order to acquire the rights of Jason Campbell. It speaks volumes that Campbell is no longer on the Raiders as this pick comes up. These are the types of trades that new general manager Reggie McKenzie is going to stay away from.

The Cleveland Browns continue to reap the rewards of the Julio Jones trade here. They not only received the Atlanta Falcons first-round selection in the 2012 NFL draft, but they got a fourth rounder as well. So far, the Browns have Phil Taylor, Greg Little and Owen Marecic to show for this trade. 

The Philadelphia Eagles and Tampa Bay Buccaneers swapped positions in the fourth round last season, with the latter moving up 12 spots. In the end, Tampa Bay selected Luke Stocker and the Eagles ended up with Casey Matthews. As a result, Philadelphia acquired the Buccaneers fourth-round pick this season. 

The Buffalo Bills sent Lee Evans to the Baltimore Ravens prior to the start of the 2011 regular season. In exchange, Baltimore ceded their fourth-round selection this year. Continuing on the aforementioned Demeco Ryans deal, the Philadelphia Eagles gave up their fourth-round selection in the 2012 NFL draft as well as swapping positions in the third round with the Houston Texans.

In the most heralded trade involving mid-round picks, the New York Jets sent their fourth-round selection, among others, to the Denver Broncos in order to acquire Tim Tebow. That is a hefty price to pay for a backup quarterback.

Fifth Round

136. Indianapolis Colts

137. Denver Broncos (from St. Louis Rams)

138. Minnesota Vikings

139. Cleveland Browns

140. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

141. Washington Redskins

142. Jacksonville Jaguars

143. Carolina Panthers

144. Buffalo Bills

145. Miami Dolphins

146. Kansas City Chiefs

147. Buffalo Bills (from Seattle Seahawks)

148. Oakland Raiders

149. San Diego Chargers

150. Chicago Bears

151. Arizona Cardinals

152. Dallas Cowboys

153. Philadelphia Eagles

154. New York Jets

155. Tennessee Titans

156. Cincinnati Bengals

157. Atlanta Falcons

158. Detroit Lions

159. Pittsburgh Steelers

160. Cleveland Browns (from Denver Broncos)

161. Houston Texans

162. New Orleans Saints

163. Green Bay Packers

164. Baltimore Ravens

165. San Francisco 49ers 

166. Cincinnati Bengals (from New England Patriots)

167. Cincinnati Bengals (from New York Giants)

168. *Oakland Raiders

169. *Baltimore Ravens

170. *Indianapolis Colts

Seattle literally stole "Skittles" from the Buffalo Bills
Seattle literally stole "Skittles" from the Buffalo BillsChristian Petersen/Getty Images

Fifth-Round Trades and Notes

The final part of the Peyton Hillis/Brady Quinn trade between the Cleveland Browns and Denver Broncos is completed here. The Broncos sent their fifth-round (160th overall) pick in the 2012 NFL draft to the Browns. 

The Seattle Seahawks ended up getting great value in their trade with the Buffalo Bills for the rights to Marshawn Lynch. "Beast Mode" AKA "Skittles" has provided a major spark in the pacific northwest. However, their fifth-round selection goes to the Bills to complete this trade.

The Chad Ochocinco trade from Cincinnati to New England takes full effect here. The Patriots sent two draft picks, their fifth-round pick in 2012 and sixth-round pick in 2013 to the Bengals in order to acquire the enigmatic receiver.

The St. Louis Rams received a full 11 games of solid production from Brandon Lloyd, but it cost them their sixth fifth-round selection, which was sent to the Denver Broncos in order to acquire the star receiver. Lloyd has since moved on to the Patriots.

Keith Rivers was somewhat of a bust for the Cincinnati Bengals after being selected No. 9 overall in the 2008 NFL draft. He was shipped to the Giants a couple weeks ago for a sixth-round pick. Not major value for Cincinnati, but at least they were able to swindle a pick out of an unproductive linebacker.

Sixth Round

171. St. Louis Rams

172. Philadelphia Eagles (from Indianapolis Colts)

173. Washington Redskins (from Minnesota Vikings)

174. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

175. Minnesota Vikings (from Cleveland Browns)

176. Jacksonville Jaguars

177. Arizona Cardinals (from Washington Redskins)

178. Buffalo Bills

179. New Orleans Saints (from Miami Dolphins)

180. Carolina Panthers

181. Seattle Seahawks

182. Kansas City Chiefs

183. San Diego Chargers

184. Chicago Bears

185. Arizona Cardinals

186. Dallas Cowboys

187. New York Jets (from Indianapolis Colts via Philadelphia Eagles)

188. Denver Broncos (from New York Jets)

189. Oakland Raiders

190. Tennessee Titans

191. Cincinnati Bengals

192. Atlanta Falcons

193. Pittsburgh Steelers

194. Philadelphia Eagles (from Denver Broncos)

195. Houston Texans

196. Miami Dolphins (from New Orleans Saints)

197. Green Bay Packers

198. Baltimore Ravens

199. San Francisco 49ers

200. Philadelphia Eagles (from New England Patriots)

201. New York Giants

202. *New York Jets

203. *New York Jets

204. *Cleveland Browns

205. *Cleveland Browns

206. *Indianapolis Colts

207. *Carolina Panthers

How do you feel about giving up those picks now Minnesota?
How do you feel about giving up those picks now Minnesota?Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Sixth-Round Trades and Notes

The Detroit Lions had to forfeit their sixth-round pick in the 2012 NFL draft after tampering charges were filed against the organization. The blockbuster J.J. Aarington and Joe Mays trade between the Philadelphia Eagles and Denver Broncos yielded a small reward for the latter. The former acquired a sixth round pick this week.

Minnesota sent little-used Jayme Mitchell to Cleveland for a sixth-round pick in the 2012 draft. The Vikings now possess the No. 5 overall pick in the round, while Cleveland still owns one pick in the round via a compensatory selection.

Donovan McNabb is making his presence known here, and the attention seeker wouldn't have it any other way. Minnesota sent their original sixth-round selection in both 2012 and 2013 to the Redskins in order to acquire the veteran quarterback. As it has played out, I can easily come to the conclusion that Washington got the better end of this deal.

Last July, the Redskins sent Vonnie Holliday to the Arizona Cardinals for Tim Hightower. That deal included the 'Skins sending their sixth-round selection to the desert. The Saints and Dolphins switched positions in this round when Reggie Bush was traded to south beach. New Orleans ended up moving up 17 slots.

Earlier this offseason, the Eagles sent Winston Justice (a second-round pick in 2006) to Indianapolis for the Colts' sixth-round selection. This deal gives the Colts another young offensive linemen to help protect Andrew Luck in 2012. Tim Tebow makes another appearance in this round. Can we ever get away from him? As it is, the Jets sent their sixth-round pick to Denver as part of this "blockbuster."

Seventh Round

208. Indianapolis Colts

209. St.Louis Rams

210. Minnesota Vikings

211. Cleveland Browns

212. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

213. Washington Redskins

214. Indianapolis Colts (from New York Jets via Jacksonville Jaguars)

215. Miami Dolphins

216. Carolina Panthers

217. Buffalo Bills

218. Kansas City Chiefs

219. Detroit Lions (from Seattle Seahawks)

220. Chicago Bears

221. Arizona Cardinals

222. Dallas Cowboys

223. Minnesota Vikings (from New England Patriots via Philadelphia Eagles)

224. Green Bay Packers (from New York Jets)

225. Seattle Seahawks (from Oakland Raiders)

226. San Diego Chargers

227. Tennessee Titans

228. Jacksonville Jaguars (from Cincinnati Bengals)

229. Atlanta Falcons

230. Detroit Lions

231. Pittsburgh Steelers

232. New York Jets (from Denver Broncos)

233. Houston Texans

234. New Orleans Saints

235. Green Bay Packers

236. Baltimore Ravens

237. San Francisco 49ers

238. Kansas City Chiefs (from New England Patriots)

239. New York Giants

240. *Pittsburgh Steelers

241. *Green Bay Packers

242. *New York Jets

243. *Green Bay Packers

244. *New York Jets

245. *Cleveland Browns

246. *Pittsburgh Steelers

247. *Cleveland Browns

248. *Pittsburgh Steelers

249. *Atlanta Falcons

250. *San Diego Chargers

251. *Buffalo Bills

252. *St. Louis Rams

253. *Indianapolis Colts

At least the Vikings have something to show for acquiring Moss back in 2010.
At least the Vikings have something to show for acquiring Moss back in 2010.Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Seventh-Round News and Notes

The Seahawks acquired Tyler Polumbus from Detroit in exchange for a seventh-round pick in the 2012 NFL draft.

New England thought they were getting a steal in the form of Jarrad Page, who they acquired from the Chiefs a couple years back. Page didn't perform well in limited action with the Patriots and is now playing minor league baseball for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Meanwhile, Kansas City has the Patriots seventh-round pick this year.

Reggie Nelson was one of the biggest surprises in the NFL last season with Cincinnati. He was sent to the Bengals prior to the 2011 season in exchange for a seventh-round pick in 2012 as well as David Jones. Pretty much one of the biggest coups of the last couple years if you ask me.

The Randy Moss trade of 2010 makes an appearance here. New England sent the current 49er to the Vikings in exchange for a third-round pick in 2011, which they turned around and traded to the Raiders for their second-round pick this year. New England sent their seventh-round pick in this draft along with Moss to Minnesota in the deal.

Reggie McKenzie has made it clear that he will not be looking to trade future draft picks for players. While this is a good plan considering the Raiders lack of draft picks in 2012, sometimes those deals work out great. That was the case when it came to Oakland acquiring Aaron Curry from Seattle in exchange for their seventh-round pick in 2012 and fifth-round pick in 2013.

Wrap Up

So there you have it. A full list of every pick in the upcoming 2012 NFL draft. This article was written to give you a better idea of how the board played out, what trades were made, and why some teams have a bundle of picks.

Sometimes, it is hard to look at the draft and use specific trades and player moves as a reference point. I hope that you have a better understanding after reading this article.

I will be running a live blog during the draft on Thursday focusing on trades as they go down. I hope you will not only make Bleacher Report your top destination for the draft, but make the decision to check that blog out. Thanks for reading!

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